weird bug in typing feedback for words with brail displays in ios13.4.1

Braille on Apple Products

When I connect my brail displays: Braillant Braillenote touch or smartbeetle to my iphone XR 64 gb ios13.4.1 the following weird behavior takes place.
The typing is normal and after typing each word I hear voiceover feedback this word as I have set my tiping feedback to words.
Now, supposing I make a mistake, I hit space 134 or space 7 to delete the characters and correct the word. From that point on, VO stops giving any feedback of words.
Yesterday I erased all my phone settings without erasing my content and the bug seemed to be gone. However this afternoon the bug is back again.
I have been playing around with all my settings that I r-eestablished and I set my typing feedback to characters and noticed when doing so, the bug does not take place, characters are heard even when I do a deletion and type further on. HOwever, when setting to characters and words at first all is normal and when I am deleting some signs, words are nolonger spoken again.
Another weird thing supposing I only type a phrase of 3 or 4 words with a mistake and when I decide to start again deleting the whole phrase until I hear the bonk sound and type in again, words are just spoken as it should be. It makes no sense whatever edit field or app I am typing into. Once the bug is provoked it happens in all fields all the time until I type a small phrase that I totally delete to get my word feedback back.
Any iedeas or can anybody reproduce this weird bug?