Please does any one try the mini seika braille display?

hi all
please does any one tried the mini seika braille display?
is it good?
does any one have an opinion about it?
please need your help


#1 Mini seika

It is not a bad notetaker. Some functions could be more intuitive, but it's a work in progress and they are receptive to feedback. The battery doesn't last so much. When working with an iDevice, it does the job well but some keys should be remapped to perform more iOs functions. Just ask some questions and I'll do my best to answer.

#2 Hi sof  thank you very

 Hi sof  thank you very much  I'm A teacher, and I want it to write names and marks in a text document and then transfer it into my computer.  and i need it to read some books  is that easy with it?And is it really quickly Damage?Do you Recommend me to buy it?

#3 here are the features for the braille display

Miniseika New

Mini Seika is a portable 16 cells Braille display with note taking and a suite of powerful applications. Mini Seika is compatible with several popular screen reading software for mobile phones and PC, so it will work well in conjunction with a mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth or USB cable. This user guide tells you all about them.
Mini Seika includes the following applications: PC connection via USB or Bluetooth, connection to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, Notepad, File Manage, Read, Clock, and Calculator.
Display system
8 dots Braille
Display capacity
16 cells
8-dots Braille keyboard
4 function keys
16 cursor routing keys
2 Navigation joysticks keys
Memory extension
Micro SD Card and U-disk
USB, MiniUSB, Micro SD card slot
Power supply
Bus power/AC adapter/Battery
Lithium rechargeable battery
USA, English, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese
6.53(W) x 3.74(D) x1.1 (H)inches
Compatible software:
* SuperNova ScreenReader
* Jaws
* Window-Eyes
* NVDA (free ScreenReader)
* VoiceOver(Apple Mac and iOS)

#4 no I haven't tried

I haven't tried it but from what I researched about it I is a wonderful braille display.

#5   Thanks  isaac I know these

 Thanks  isaacI know these features it's good but i need help from  some one who try it personaly 

#6 Yea  it's nice. I'm very

Yea  it's nice. I'm very happy with  your  position  thank you

#7 seika

Yes, I own one. I purchased it used on ebay about 2 years ago. I don't think I would recommend purchasing one new though. I was hoping to use it to take notes during meetings and things but I found the keys difficult to type on. Also, it seems to, at times, loose connection with the phone. It is very good for navigating around the device and reading text so if that's all you want to do with it, the Seika will work fine but I think you will find entering text using the keyboard with any kind of efficiency difficult. I hope this helps.

#8 thanks

thank you very much
you help me. but I need a notetaker
can any one suggest good one to me?
what about ESYS 12 or 24 I read it's manual
I think it's very good
need your advice