Refreshabraille and iOS 8

Hello all, I have a Refreshabraille I am trying to connect to an iphone running iOS 8. But it will not connect. I can connect to all other devices running iOS 7, so I know it's not the Refreshabraille. I had the display connected to the iphone just before I updated, but now it's like my phone can't find the display. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


#1 try these steps

Go to settings, General, Accessibility, Voiceover, Braille, and double tap on the braille display even if it says selected.

#2 Can't Connect At All

Now, I can't connect to any device whatsoever via bluetooth, and when I try to search the device, I can't find it at all. I've reset the braille display and multiple devices multiple times.

#3 RefreshaBraille and IOS 8

Hi. I have been able to connect the RefreshaBraille to my iPod Touch 5. I am very disappointed, however, with the lag time that occurs after inputting text. The display gradually registers the text you enter, but it takes several seconds to fill the display with what you have typed. This is not satisfactory at all. I knew of this bug, however, because I listened to the great podcast demo that Scott Davert did for iBlink Radio. I just wanted to experience it for myself. For that reason, I am definitely not going to upgrade my iPhone 5S or iPad Mini to IOS 8. This is too bad, because before this, we really did have significant progress in Braille access.