Synchronising Focus / Cursor with Braille Display

I have just upgrade to macOS Catalina 10.15.4 from Mojave. I’m having an issue with the keyboard focus and the VoiceOver cursor not synchronising even though it is checked in VO Utilities. This is only happening in Safari.

Before I upgraded I could for example press VO + Cmd + H to the header of an article and begin panning through the body of text with my braille display as I read. Once finished the cursor on the keyboard was in same place, at the end of the text.

After upgrading I now press VO + Cmd + H to the header of an article but when I pan through the article with my braille display the cursor on the keyboard remains on the heading.

Is anyone else having this issue, or can duplicate the problem? Is there something I can do to resolve the issue?

Any help is much appreciated. Paul


You are not alone.

So I'm not crazy then. Provided that Quick nav is not turned on, you can use the arrow keys without VO keys to properly position yourself on a line. It's annoying, because they don't track as the setting indicates.

Thanks Ben. I appreciate you

Thanks Ben. I appreciate you letting me know. I was starting to think it was just me.

That's my current workaround for the time being, although it isn't ideal.

I've reported this to issue to the Apple Accessibility Team so I'm hoping they'll fix it. It appears that they have taken some navigation options out when moving from Mojave to Catalina (In VO Utilities I could have sworn there were two option with checkboxes, now there is only one).