Braille-specific bugs in iOS 7

Hi all: I've noticed a few bugs while using my newly-upgraded iPhone 5 with my Hims Braille display. I don't think these issues have been brought up previously, so I don't know if it's just me. Here's what I've found: 1. When I double-tap and hold an app icon to move it to a different location, I still get audible feedback from VO, but the braille display is blank. When I flick through the apps in editing mode, the names are spoken in the usual way, but there is no Braille feedback whatsoever. 2. most of the editing commands seem to be broken. For example, the spacebar with C used to copy text; now it just types a C in the edit field. The same seems to apply to Space with V for paste. Also, there is a specific function key on Hims devices for "undo," the F3 key, and this just types a Z into my edit field. I would be curious to know if any other Braille users are experiencing this. I am, however, relieved that I can still use Braille with my phone, since this was not the case in iOS 5.1. :) Thanks! KD


Hello KD, I'm not using iOS 7

Hello KD, I'm not using iOS 7 now but I'm curious about another Braille-related issue on it, Nemeth Braille input mentioned in the description. Have you tried it out yet?

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HI KD. These are some of the reasons I have not upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7. Also, space with 2-3-5-6 will no longer select all. I didn't realize it was across the board in terms of editing commands, but you are right, it does seem to be that way. It almost appears as though the keyboard commands on the display were set up to be mapped to the Bluetooth keyboard equivalent and that this has somehow broken down. I say this because undo produces a Z, and the command for this with a BT keyboard is command Z. Same with the command to select all, it produces an a.

No, Ma'am! You are not the

No, Ma'am! You are not the only one who's experiencing braille specific bugs! I have a focus and have had quite a few difficulties with iOs7 It seems my media buttons have been broken, and the braille seems to look very sloppy! I find this most noticeable in the message app! I'm hoping the next update will bring many improvements for users of braille displays!


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In response to a previous commenter about Braille "looking sloppy": the one thing I noticed is that by default the braille translation table was set to Unified Braille on my iOS 7 device. I am an American English Braille reader, so for me it was a bit of a surprise. You may be experiencing the same thing. If so you can change braille tables in the VoiceOver accessibility settings area. I suppose it'd be good to become comfortable with the Unified Braille Code, but as far as I know I have not seen anything else produced here using it and so I am not ready to give up my old literary American English code. Another issue I encounter when writing, especially in the Messages app, is the translator knows what I mean, but then does not put it. for example, if I write two words back to back quickly that use contractions e.g., "have enough" it knows I want "have enough" and it back translates the en sign to "enough", but it erases the space between the words to make it "haveenough". and it will also put periods in random places. The best I have been able to find to work around it is to after pressing the Space Key, pause until the word is processed, then type again. Seems to slow me down, but better than fixing all its typos.

has iOS 7.0.3 fixed any of this?

Hi. Has iOS 7.0.3 fixed any of these braille bugs? I was thinking about upgrading from 6.3 to 7.0.3, but if they are not fixed I am not upgrading. Thank you.


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HI Jessica. Sadly, all bugs related to braille are still present in iOS 7.0.3. I still have 6.1.4 on my iPhone 5 for this reason. Regarding the automatic setting of the braille table to UEB, I'm not sure if that's actually a bug or a feature. We're all going to have to get used to it at some stage, we might as well start now.

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All the bugs listed in this thread are still there, and I also have done a podcast when 7.02 came out detailing some work arounds. It's not totally unusable, but feel free to read the original message in this thread, to listen to the podcast, or read the braille section of the blog post that talks about braille changes. All of these things are still what you'll find in 7.0.3.

question about comment 8

Hi. I found the podcast about the iOS 7 braille bugs, but I can not find the blog post you mentioned. Can you please post a link or tell me where to look? Thank you.

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In regards to my earlier comment about the Braille translator not back translating my writing correctly, the testing I had done hwen I wrote that comment was using an iPhone 4. Using an iPhone 5s which has a much faster processor and presumably a newer Bluetooth radio, I have not encountered the writing quickly issue. I find Braille to still be quirky such as not showing what I write right away, etc., however it is usable though it requires some patience at times.