Braillenote Apex with the Apple products

Hi everyone.

I want to know what you use to write documents on your Apple products--IPhone, IPad, IPod, or Mack. And why is Pages so slow when trying to type with the BrailleNote Apex? It's so annoying.
Thank you


#1 apex and Ios

Hi Becca and all,

I think the deal with pages being slow is more because of the need for the apex or your Braille display to communicate via bluetooth to the Ios device. It may be a bit less sluggish when using a keyboard connected by bluetooth.

There are still some glitches in pages with voiceover, I have had documents erased when the display seemed to be stuck in backspace or delete mode after I had deleted some text, so not sure it is totally up to snuff.

Hope that helps.

#2 Pages.

Hi. Thank you. It's slow on my phone so I have it on my Ipad. It works fine except yesterday It typed a lot of commas when I was typing. I think I did that and it just kept going.
Thank you
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#3 pairing the apex with IOS 5S

hi is there a podcast that talks about how to pair your braille note apex with your Ios? Thanks, and have a blessed day.