Bug when using Alex on iOS

Hi Guys,

I use an iPad mini 2 and I have been noticing something. I use Alex as my Voice Over voice and it sometimes will not talk. For example, let's say you are reading something on this website and everything is fine until suddenly Alex will stop talking but the sounds will keep playing. A way to fix this is by restarting Voice Over. Have any of you experienced this? By the way I have seen this with iOS 11.2.5 and 11.2.6.


Also experienced this

I've also experienced this using other versions of iOS on many devices using many different voices.

not just alex

I use fred and it sometimes happens to me when I launch apps.

I'd have to exit said app, then go back in and hope that it works.

Mac has this happen occasionally too

Wow, someone uses Fred? Good lord, do you have the volume all the way up? Lol that's the only way to hear it. anyway the mac can do this sometimes too. No idea why, it just, does.

I think i have this

I think I have this issue on my iPad mini 2 like you do, but not on my iPhone 6S. I use Alex on my iPad, and I used to use Alex on my iPhone 6S as well, but I switched to siri female.

I don't mean anything mean here but...


Report issues like this to Apple! How are they going to know if something's wrong if we don't report it to them? I always heard reps say report it to us so we can send it to our engineers. Yes, it seems like nothing gets done but, it will if enough reports come in from users that use their accessible technology such as VoiceOver.

yep, I like Fred.

yep, I like Fred.

It is a bit on the quiet side I agree, but not so quiet that you have to crank it all the way up to hear it.

I think it use to be quieter till they did something when iOS 11 was released.

Contacting Apple

Yes, but the user needs to check if it's just hm/her having the issue, before going to Apple. You can be like, oh I'm having an issue, and just go to Apple. That's why we have AppleVis. LOL

No, It's on I'd say all iOS

No, It's on I'd say all iOS devices. Even the new iPhone X. I've seen this issue on my new X and the older iPhone 6S plus. It's not hardware, it's probably just a bug in the TTS voices. Heck, sometimes, i've seen it when doing a read all in safari, it'll just freeze and ou have to restart VO in order to clear it.

device isn't the issue, neither is the software.

Reproduction of the issue is key. If you don't have it on a basis that is consistent, then how the hell are you gonna ask apple? Are you gonna call one day, Umm i think it's doing it, wherein they can't reproduce it? Or are you gonna swear on your Dead Pop's grave it's having the issue only for them not to reproduce it? If you send log files and appropriate notations of when this happens, they may, key word, be able to figure out how to fix it. But the band-aid aproach, of hey it is happening... Not flying on this girl's radar. Just sayin.

It is happening on my 8 plus

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Downloaded Alex last night. For such a huge voice file, you'd think it wouldn't have problems like this. As far as I can tell, it is the only voice with this issue. I guess Yoda was right, "size matters not!"


Ok Siobhan...
Now that we know many devices are having this issue, we can all report to Apple about it.