Business/tycoon games

Hi :-) I am looking for some business simulation simulation games. I already have superstar band manager and city island.


Hi, I am also looking for

Hi, I am also looking for this type of game. Is City Island accessible? When I tried it I could only get to the part where it told me to click the building for more info... Did they update it?

City Island

From what I've heard, City Island is still inaccessible, but I'm also looking for some new games like that so any suggestions would be great.

City Island

It is not but I still have it because the developer said she will be making some changes to it but she said that a year ago so I think it was a lie

Football chairman

Football chairman is a business sim the only thing is that you manage the players the cost of food and tickets and so on. I didn't finish the game yet. But you could try the light one first so you will know if you want to buy the full version. Its only 99 cents.

I don't really understand how

I don't really understand how to play Football Chairman. I like Band Manager better, the only bad part is that it's really hard to pick the right gender for the band members without voiceover.

King of Dragon Pass

You might like King of Dragon Pass. It's very accessible and quite a nice game, though if you don't like the fantasy genre, you may like it less, but give it a try nevertheless.