buying tv shows on my iPod touch?

There are some tv shows I may want to buy next month. Here is the problem I have. If I go into itunes in windows, and put in the name of the show, "man v food," hit search, it lets me buy the show by season at around $20 to $30 per season. When I go into the tv app on my iPod touch 7th gen device, search for the same thing, use the rotor to go by headings to the how to watch sectiot, it has a buy seasons button. So I go into that but when I choose a season to buy to see its price on the iPod nothing happens. I even removed my tv provider from the iPod touch's settings thinking that was the issue, went back and re-did the search. still it won't show me season prices. Is this a bug in iOS and I have to either use itunes on my windows RCA cambio tablet, or the apple tv to buy each season? My other option is just see if the travel channel app is accessible in tvOS and iOS and watch the show on that app. But if they take that show away I'd kind of like to own a few seasons of it.


navigating the web comments

By the way I really like how iOS does website navigation! The only other screen reader that does things like iOS, with touch screens is Jaws for windows. Tomorrow I'll play with the orbit reader and iOS and see how that works out or maybe later on tonight.

I get the same problem, but

I get the same problem, but when searching for the same show in the i?Tunes store on iOS, it works just fine.

Speaking of TV Shows, I wish you could rent episodeslike you can with movies.

Apparently they had that option way back in 2011 but apple removed it because hardly anyone was renting tv shows.

Sometimes you just want to rent an episode you missed, rather than be forced to buy it.