Can the Amazon Echo Dot be used with Apple hardware and services?

I hope that one of you good people will be at last tell me if I am missing something, I have spend hours and hours to find information about the echo dot, in the sens that if you have the latest ipod touch and the latest mini ipad, is there any reason that this echodot would do for me and how is the interaction with itune and apple product. I really did spend a lot of hours on this, and more I read more I am confuse, some site kind of say that it work with the touch and so on but not in a cut and dry kind of way. any opinion would be appreciated. thanks


not at this time

The Amazon Echo doesn't currently work with any of Apple's services. It cannot access Apple's Music service, but it can access Spotify. In a sense, it is a competing product when it comes to trying to be a digital assistant like Siri. In fact, Apple will release their Siri enabled speaker later this year which will allow you to select songs to listen to by voice. Of course, the Echo can do far more than play music, and I won't go into the differences between the Echo and Siri, but I don't see Apple opening their services to Echo devices any time soon.

sort of

While it's true that many of Apple's services are unavailable, there are two things that might work. first, the Alexa service is able to access your iCloud calendar. This means you can ask Alexa to do things like add events and they will sync to all your iCloud devices. The only other thing you can do is connect your Apple devices to the Echo via Bluetooth and play audio. You can then use voice commands to play/pause and move ot the next or previous track. Aside from that, I don't think there's anything else you can do.

you can use it as a bluetooth speeaker

You can use it as a bluetooth speaker. You'll still be interacting with your Apple services via the ipad or ipod, but you can play music from your library. I do jhis by connecting my Amazon Echo to my ipad via bluetooth, going to the control center finding the play button and hitting play.

Also, I have heard jhat you can import youh itunes music into an Amazon library, however, you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee. Hope this helps you.