Can anybody recommend an accessible metronome app?

Is there a metronome app out there, which works with Voiceover? I am a musician, who would greatly benefit from this. Any recommendations and feedback gratefully received.


2 suggestions

I use two different apps for this.
Firstly there is an app called TempoPerfect, which is a pretty simple straight forward methronome app. You can choose time signature and also subdivisions, and of course BPM, and that's more or less it. Perfectly accessible as far as I can remember. I believe you'll find it here in the app directory at AppleVis. Just do a search for it up in the search field.
There's also an app called Time Trainer, which I also have used in the past, although it's been a while since I've used it, so I can't remember the functions acurately now...
But I believe that one will let you use it as a basic metronome, but it also has some more interesting functions. I believe you can e.g. tell it to mute a fixed number of bars and then pick up again, so you can really get into practising your internal metronome. It's a great feature, and I also think it has some other goodies to, but if I remember it right, it was quite on the expensive side for a metronome app, but considering all the extra features, it really is worth it, if you ask me. I just opened it, and everything still is labeled correctly and seems very accessible at first glans.
But as mentioned, it has probably been a year or so since I've used it.
But it's a great app for me at least, as a jazz/fusion guitar player, to use when practicing time. I usually set it to leave out 2 or 4 bars, and then go out burning off my fancy chops without the beat and pray that I can get it right on the 1 count when the beat comes back, and it realy works! Great app!
I think perhaps you'll find an entry for it as well in the AppleVis iOS apps directory.
Hth, and play fast! :)