Can anybody recommend accessible Sticker packs for iMessage

Hi, all.
I just found that Cookie Monster stickers are accessible. VO will describe the sticker. Would like to get others from applevis community to share any stickers that are accessible. Cookie Monster is free. This way we can create a good list for stickers that are accessible. Hope most of you share them.

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These are from the Tech site and are completely accessible, thanks to Renee Ricci being a big advocate for accessibility.

Tech site

What about from the app store. I found my by going to feature, stickers and I found Cookie Monster there.


Do you mean Imessage sticker packs? I use the Red sticker pack in Imessage.

Super Mario Run. Although

Super Mario Run. Although they're not really useful to me since you're supposed to be able to drag them onto photos and such as part of your messages. still, VO describes them well which surprised me. Counting down the days till the game drops. lol

Sticker Packs

How do Sticker packs work? Do they play a sound or does VoiceOver read a description? What is the point of these sticker packs and iMessage apps?


Yes. like emoji. There so many but most are not accessible. Most are about $0.90 I got lucky with cookie monster.

icon factory

thought the icon factory had a sticker pack. their is also the carrot sticker pack but i have yet to look at it.

Weather Gods Stickers

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Our latest update to Weather Gods (1.0.3) now has 32 accessible stickers!

If anybody uses them then I'd love to know how useful the descriptions are and what I can do to improve them.


sticker pack

Carrot stickers is a good accessable sticker pack and the stickers in there are very funny, although, it does cost money.

Cooky Monster

I use it is accessible and does a great job of describing the sicker sticker.