Can you upload files with the official DropBox app?

does any one know whether in the official DropBox app a person can upload a file to a specific folder?


#1 uploading files to dropbox using you're mobile device

First go to the folder you want to upload files to then double tap on more actions then select upload then you will choose what you want to upload then select upload.


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#3 use dropBox from Mac or PC

Hi there a easy way using and have set DropBox from pc Just launch the Dropbox program on the sorces menu select one or just paste the file. that you have copied from other program. or per example open or press enter on the dropbox file and paste the new document.

#4 Uploading files from other apps

You can upload files such as PDF's or Word documents from other apps by sharing. For instance, if you open an attachment in mail or view a document in Safari, you can press the share button and choose open in Dropbox. You will then have a screen that allows you to rename the file and choose where to upload it. When you are done, be sure to press save. Let me know if you need any clarifications. HTH Walei

#5 does it allso mean i can up load from the pc to th e droppp box

does it all so mean i dcan up load a file from the pc to the droppp box app?

#6 Sure. as someone posted all

Sure. as someone posted all you need to do is copy paste the file from your folder to a folder located with in your dropbox folder. Good luck.

#7 DropBox on pC

sorry for the late reply Thanks Marrie to confirm this. using DropBox on iOS some or most of the time need third party app to upload and also you can share or open files using it app. but on PC or Mac is easier and fast. so and doesn't require third party of programs. Let's talk about it. just you need to go at download for Windows or Mac install and set up don't forget before need to have a dropbox account. after have sit up dropbox, it will running on the background updating files always when is connected at internet. it allows upload and download files direct at your PC audio, documents, songs, etc. etc. I will share how do I have set up my dropbox account. I have an iOS device and have install dropbox app and also third party apps on it example Record memos to dropbox all the audio files that I have on this app have been upload to DropBox so just on the PC launch DropBox and the file is going to be saved there. also I have iTunes set up to allow play all kind of audio using iTunes as default when press enter on some audio record saved on my dropbox account it will launch iTunes and the same file will be saved on iTunes lybrerie. also allows to renamed, upload, download, delete files and many more.