Cannot open folder or file on desktop

Dear Sirs,

I have updated my mac from El capitan to High sierra.

When voiceover is active I cannot open any folder or file on desktop with double tap on trackpad. VO says open but nothing happens.
If I turn of voiceover, than double tap works fine.

Also double tap with VO enabled, works in finder and anywhere else, except on desktop.

Is there any solution for this annoying problem?

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Open files on Desktop

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Unfortunately that's an issue for VO users in High Siera. Press CMD o or CMD down arrow to open files and folders instead.

it is bug.

it is bug.
I wrote a long time ago to Apple in this matter, but they made me a fool and claimed that everything is fine.
I will add that the trackpad does not work or the shortcut VO + Space.
CMD + down and CMD + O work.