The Circus Master is here.

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Finally! It is here. I hope everyone enjoys it. If you post on this forum please, be respectful to one another. On this forum, your post should only be about CMR. If you have questions about how to pass a certain stage or acquire a certain weapon. Feel free to ask so the community can assist you with your struggles. If you are not respectful to one another, the moderators will shut the site down like they did on the last forum. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


I looked

I went to the shop, I clicked on everything in it didn’t tell me how many tokens or tickets I had, all it tells me is how much tokens and tickets are, after chapter one I want and some tokens and tickets, but it does not tell me how much I received in the shop


You need to play quack shot, although I'm not sure how many ducks you'll need to shoot.


Just go to the shop and leave everything. Let the voice speak as long as it must. You will eventually hear it say how many tickets and tokens you have.

weapon delays

What weapons have delays when fiering/reloading? Is it just some of them or all weapons? How long is the delay? Is it a couple of millyseconds or 1 or 2 seconds? I'm not the coder, I'm the sound designer for mental vision, but with more info about this we may start to see how this can be fixed. Also, could it be the sounds that have delay hense its causing the delay when shooting/reloading in the game? Could that be a possibility?

My thoughts

I love your game thank you for making a game like this but I do have suggestions and do agree about the whole tokens and tickets thing I don’t really understand how it works , I have beated all the levels almost but I’m stuck on the round where I’m against a crowd of people watching me fail and I don’t know what the heck I’m going against

It would be great if you had

It would be great if you had a help section for each round so you know what your going against, yes some are obvious but it would help to know what type of noises I’m hearing


All weapons have a half second delay when shooting. You guys should also make it so that even if you are a little off, you don’t miss. You have to be perfectly centered on the enemy to hit it. This gets ridiculous after a while. Especially when there are enemies in every direction.

Yeah that sucks, the delay

Yeah that sucks, the delay sucks and the aiming system over all just plane sucks. Why not ake it like zombie arena or what ever that game was called. I mean I don't want to make myself sick while playing the game.

regarding weapon delay and hitboxes


Yeah, as others have said, all weapons have abouot half a second up to a second of delay when hitting the screen.

Also, others have said this as well, but the hitbox should definitly be larger, it more feels like I'm trying to snipe the enemys point blank and not rotate, shoot, reload as rappitly as I would like it or how I played audio defence back in the day.

Or, include something like a hitbox setting in the settings menu where you can have a bigger or smaller hitbox for more challenging play.

Gyro movement

not sure if its int their, but what I liked in Audio Defence which I wish was in this game was the Gyro movement in stead of having to flick or tilt the phone.

I am going to post this

I am going to post this comment to the applevis thread for this game and the app directory entry, as I don't know if the developer is likely to see it on one or both of these applevis entries.
I downloaded the game, well done on getting it released, but first off the menu system is awful, it lags considerably I would far rather have VoiceOver access to it, secondly the instructions in the game for menu navigation are quite verbose.
third, the game treats us like idiots by constantly giving instructions on how to navigate the menus with swiping and tapping, after basically every swipe, and also loading the stages seems to take ages and constantly repeats instructions.
Next I wanted to disable the music volume under settings but could only lower it to 20, I don't like in game music and that is my choice not to, OK someone might have worked hard on the game score, but I personally would rather have sounds with no distracting music.
also, I am surprised nobody has noticed the mistake in the title of the game icon when read by voiceOver, the official game title is circus masters revenge, but VoiceOver reads the title on the icon as circus master revenge, what happened to quality control.
finally, why exactly does the game force users to log into facebook to save progress, sorry but I don't want to grant facebook access to a game just to save progress, I have never scene any other games for us that want facebook access to save game progress, why not use icloud like crafting kingdom does it just seems very questionable to be wanting facebook access.
I would like to play the game but I am very very reluctant to grant facebook access.
I have tried to play the game, and it seems like it might be mildly entertaining, but when I try to navigate by tilting my phone to line up with the target it doesn't exactly feel very responsive and I do seem to keep dying. But hopefully what I have raised above can be corrected with updates. also, I really don't know why the opening part of the intro couldn't also be voiced by a human which sets the scene. In the shop the game just gives two much information about navigation, what next and previous options are etc. but again I hope these issues can be ironed out in time, and just giving honest feedback.also loading stages, chapters is two slow when we here that heartbeat sound.

Awesome game, Joseppie

And, finally, it is here. Happy to have been one of the beta testers and to see this great project made a wonderful reality. Congratulations, Joseppie and mental Vision. I am with you all the way. I just downloaded the game and started playing; I really love it. I cannot wait to see how many more good things Mental Vision and you have in store for all of us in the near future. The road was long and tortuous but you and your team made it, my friend. I am very happy you never left any obstacle prevent you from making your dream come true. Thank you for creating this game for all of us.


Why not make it like audio defence? First. We don't have the same engine they used. Second. Even if we had, the code for the engine would have needed to be updated for the latest ios, its old, so we had to make our own engine. And third. Somethin else said they would make their engine open source for people to use... I don't think they did. I have searched for it out there... but no luck. That's why. Could audio defence be ported to the latest ios? Who knows. I have the sounds, for one, but unless someone wants to take the jump and do it; and, i might add; finish it; well who knows. Anyway this is for another totally different topic.

The cut scenes

How come the cut scenes are counted as stages? They shouldn’t count cause we’re not doing anything. How come the game couldn’t use the native IOS jesters?

We will

App Developer

Moving forward, we will be using your feedback with issues and make necessary corrections. We are all still learning how to make CMR better. We definitely appreciate all of you who bring your issues to our attention. You can post here or, send me your issues and an email. Thank you all.

Native iOS gestures

Just to correct myself, I realize the game cannot use native gestures. It's written in Unity, so this is not possible. However, it is definitely possible to make the menu more responsive as well as the entire game. @66 in fact you are right mostly, I don't want a same game. However, you don't need their engine to make a smooth, lag free audio game.

About the native iOS gestures

About the native iOS gestures, it uses unity so it would not be possible. What is possible though, is to make the menus less laggy, make a way to interrupt speech, make the aiming system better, etc. Hopefully These issues can be fixed with an update soon.

Seeing tokens

Is their a way to see how many tokens you currently have? Also what do tickets do?

Tokens and tickets

Token allows you to purchase weapons and upgrades. Tickets allow you to purchase power ups. You can see how many you have by going to the shop and letting the voice finish reading everything.

am I right in thinking that

am I right in thinking that there is no way to earn tickets in the game? I certainly don't want to buy things like tickets or tokens I would far rather grind away and earn them. so far I have only been awarded tokens and no tickets. also I am sure I was told that I unlocked the double barrelled shotgun in chapter 2, but the game still wants to charge me tokens for it.
also we still have had no explanation as to why the game tries to force us to log into facebook, its not needed to save game progress, your able to resume just fine without logging in, and the constant nags to do so are annoying. Its inaccurate to claim its to save progress when it saves fine without logging in.

I Absolutely Lovit This Game!

OMG, I was totally playing this game wrong the first time I tried it. How I managed to complete even one stage is beyond me. Now that I have figured out the game mechanics, this game is even more fun. Hey J, you and your game developers have created a top notch iOS game here. Kudos to you guys!

We talked about this earlier.

We talked about this earlier. Âpparently unlocking only makes it available for purchase, it doesn't mean you can use it right off the bat. The free AK was nice though.

to the guy who's always

to the guy who's always getting sick, or trying to prevent sickness. Maybe you shouldn't play games like this where there are loud bangs and booms, and movement until you get it all figured out. I'd hate to hear that good old joe was responsible for something.

Good news

App Developer

Good news everyone. At least I think so. We have had over 600 downloads this last weekend. Over five different countries. I am still smiling. Thank you everyone.

I was able to complete both chapters

Hi. Despite the lag and all problems mentioned, I was able to complete the game. After it, I was disapointed. You can't earn more tokens so this scammers force you to make an app purchase if you want quack shot. In my opinion, I would preffer to pay a resonable price like Audio defence and have the oportunity to unlock staff, upgrade and earn virtual tockens. So, it seems that the old audio defence remains supperior. Hope that someone will port it one day for the newest IOS versions.

Great game

I love the game. The only two things I have are that the game crashes when I try to login with facebook. Also, where are the in app purchases located in the app?


Hi Matthew,

Hi Matthew,
InApp purchases are in the shop menu where it says tickets and tokens.

Nice going

That’s great about the amount of downloads you’ve had, wow. I haven’t finished the game yet, haven’t had time to, but what I haveplayed is awesome, especially the first part of chapter 2 which I hadn’t experienced before.

I have been playing the game

I have been playing the game without logging into facebook, totally not needed to be able to play, and progress saves just fine.
However the aiming system is awful, and lags just like the menu. I am up to stage 3 of chapter 2 round 6 I think. I have been unable to progress further due to the lag in the game and badly designed aiming system. I have actually bought weapons and health upgrades, and I feel like they are a waste of money, health certainly doesn't seem to keep me alive any longer than before at least as far as I can tell, and aiming makes it very hard to hit things accurately and I keep dying. as to the weapons, the most useful one is the ak47, the shotgun seems a total waste of time because you get two shots and its finished just like that. I don't think this game got much proper testing by actual users after the first beta that is. the aiming is so stupid I am turning my phone, tilting it, practically turning it upside down at times to try to line up with things, and even when I think they are centered sometimes missing, plus its quite easy to miss the part of the screen that actually fires the gun.

Can't get past tutorial.

Hi. So I downloaded the game, and I can't even shoot my way out of the tute. More instruction in there would be most helpful. I have no idea how I'm meant to hold the phone, or what part exactly needs to be pointing at the target in order to kill it. Help would be much appreciated.

Holding the phone

Hold the phone verticly, with the crarging port facing the floor. @alex, we're working on fixing the lags and aiming system. The heath upgrades help you too get hit more times and not dying. I personally like the shotgun, it has a wider targeting range than the pistol from what I can tell

OK so when you say hold it

OK so when you say hold it vertically do you then have to twist the phone in your hand? I have been holding the phone flat in portrait, then rocking it, personally I would prefer it in landscape, but would much prefer a physical swipe system for aiming, especially for playing in public, I don't want to look like an idiot spinning my phone around. I think the tutorial certainly needs updating to explain about orientation holding the phone etc. also the crossbow seems a waste of time as well, from what I can see the ak47 is the best weapon in the game so far. all the other upgrades are just over priced and not worth it in my view, and I certainly refuse to log into facebook or pay for tickets for powerups. nobody has yet explained why facebook login is needed, as it clearly isn't to save progress, and also they haven't explained why icloud isn't used instead of facebook.

A couple of questions.

Ok. So from what I can work out, this game is played the same way as Blindfold Hopper, meaning that you actually have to be standing up and moving, or at the very least turning, in order to focus on targets. I still maintain the intro needs to be more forthcoming about that stuff. However, I managed to figure that out, and now I can't log in. I tried using Aira to see if they could guide me to the relevant button after "continue" in fb, but all they could see was a pic of some headphones, and the words "audio game" or "gaming", How does one complete login with facebook please? One more thing, are you only supposed to shoot or bash clowns when you hear that beeping sound or what. I don't quite get it.

At Alex wallis

You will need to hold the phone in the same way you hold it when taking a picture of someone. As for Facebook, I have a theory although I may be wrong. Since the game doesn't have a restore option, I think you might lose your progress should you decide to remove the game from your phone. I too would like confirmation regarding this matter, but for now it's just pure guessing.

you could be write, but I

you could be write, but I maintain facebook really isn't the correct way to go about saving progress and such, icloud has been used with crafting kingdom to save games, and no apps that have inapp purchases use facebook to allow for restore, in fact they have a restore purchase button, in fact I thought apple said that an explicit restore purchase button had to be added, I think if this is the case that facebook is used to restore purchases this is another poor design choice for the game, other apps simply use a standard restore purchase option. also I maintain that VoiceOver should be used for navigation within the menus. I did also notice some quite poor quality artifacts with some of the artificial speech in the game at points. really this game should have undergone another round of testing before release.
also, on the forum just to keep everyone informed one of the testers who was involved said that josepi was informed about lag and aiming issues during the first beta test. joseppi has also managed to annoy people on by having another tantrum similar to how he did on applevis, then later appologised and deleted his comment but we can read what he said because his post was quoted, goes to show i guess a leopard doesn't change his spots.

no, you have to

Hold the phone verticly, stand up, and turn around to face the target. As for what joe said on the audiogames forum... Was it right? Sirtainly not; but we all make mistakes which we must learn from. No one is perfect, and the way people first posted about the game didn't help. Some people went straight to bashing, no, i'm not talking about constructive critisism... The blame came from both sides; not just Joe's. But enough said on this... before deciding to point the finger... Look at both sides of the story. Hth with the game

Simply can't log in.

Ok, even with physical sighted assistance, this game won't let me log in with Facebook. My assistant hit the second "continue" button, which is inaccessible with Voiceover, but it just doesn't seem to take.

More about logging in.

So, I went into Fb and checked. As far as its concerned, the game is logged in. The problem appears to be with cmr itself. I can't check out the shop for example, because it keeps demanding that I log in. which. I. already. am. I can only imagine this means none of my progress is saved either. Really disappointing.

that's strange, I was able to

that's strange, I was able to log in just fine.

It asked me if I wanted to use the facebook app, I said yes, the rest was straight forward.

Facebook login

App Developer

For some reason it seems to work for most and not for others. We are trying to figure this out. Not really sure why this is happening. Should not affect your game unless you break your phone or upgrade it.

Quack Shot

App Developer

Have any of you played Quack Shot? I post a challenge. Let me know how many ducks you get in a row without missing. Keep track of how many tokens or tickets you obtain. In this way, I will know who is being honest or not.

Login Facebook

App Developer

I actually uploaded the game on my phone through the App Store. I had no issues logging into Facebook. I am on a good Wi-Fi signal. Maybe that is why some people are having issues. If you have a good Wi-Fi signal and are still having troubles logging into Facebook please let me know. Thank you.

Log in confusion and other things.

Hi. for the record, I have an excellent wifi connection, but I am thoroughly bamboozled. Should the app keep on telling me to log in, if I'm logged in properly? Also, I did manage to get into the shop, and I must agree with previous commenters, the prices for higher end bundles are outragious. Is there any way one can earn tokens and tickets, tokens and/or powerups etc, without purchasing?

but why use facebook at all

but why use facebook at all for managing restoration of purchases, why not just do as basically all other apps do and go through apples own system, I have never encountered other apps that use faceboo,, plus other apps are fine with backing up to icloud and restoring, could we please have a proper explanation as to why facebook has been used rather than apples own system, facebook seems a very strange way of handling things.


App Developer

I don’t know if these are going to be the answers that you want to hear but first.
Crystal. There could be some issues with your memory. If the connection is not a problem likely, it’s going to be your storage. We are still trying to figure out why this is happening for some people.
Number two. Alex. The reason we went with the Facebook login was because that is what Apple wanted. We are trying to find a way to have a Twitter login also. This new standard is what made our launch Two weeks behind of schedule. From what I used to know, I thought the iCloud storage was how everything worked. It seemed kind of strange to me also when they require this from us. I guess that is not the case anymore. It sucks but, we have to do what we have to do for the platform.
My next post will be about an easier way for you to make Free tickets and tokens.ggzg

I'm confused. I don't htink

I'm confused. I don't htink apple woudl require facebook to save game progress and restore purchases. Where did you see that in the dev docs?