The Circus Master is here.

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Finally! It is here. I hope everyone enjoys it. If you post on this forum please, be respectful to one another. On this forum, your post should only be about CMR. If you have questions about how to pass a certain stage or acquire a certain weapon. Feel free to ask so the community can assist you with your struggles. If you are not respectful to one another, the moderators will shut the site down like they did on the last forum. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


thanks for the answers, this

thanks for the answers, this seems very strange that apple wants you to use facebook to manage inapp purchases, saving game progress etc, given that apps are perfectly capable of backing up to icloud, and apps that have a specific inapp purchase button and restore option don't use facebook, its like apple want to farm managing inapp purchases out to a third party, this really sounds very strange to me, and I haven't scene any other apps using this system even ones I have recently purchased, and as I say if apple is farming management of its inapp purchases out to third parties surely there would be an outcry about this from places like idownload blog. I just wonder if your developers have got the wrong end of the stick somewhere, or someone your talking to at apple. I am just not happy about giving facebook access to the game. sure they have changed things for apps that do use social media for logins, but the game doesn't actually have any online features that need an account. I wouldn't be happy giving twitter access either maybe using login with apple or whatever the new standard will be called, but as I say I understand that the changes its making are for apps that need an account system, and I really think this is separate to saving progress across devices backing up, I think there new standards are for apps that offer social media logins as well as the ability to create an account.
also, given that your apple id is actually used to make the purchase still it just makes no sense to me this hole facebook thing.

Answers YI have downloaded the game on my phone from the App st

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I have downloaded the game on my iPhone just like you have. I have a strong Wi-Fi signal and I’m having no problems logging into Facebook. As far as gameplay. I am not noticing any lag but, I am not saying there is none that you are noticing. It also has been mentioned that the in app purchase are too expensive. I found a way for you to solve this problem. It’s going to cost you about $14. In the long run it will save you money. Here it goes:
When you go to the arsenal. Find chapter 1 weapons bundle. This will help you get past chapter 1 because it gives you every weapon fully upgraded for this chapter. I believe it is three or four dollars. Once you complete chapter 2 stage two and all of the rounds in that stage. You will be notified that the shotgun has been unlocked. By this time you should have acquired 800 free tokens. The shotgun only cost 1000 more. Go to the tokens packages. Purchase a bag of tokens which is 1000. Unlock the shop guN. Now you can go to Quack Shot and try to earn free tickets and tokens. The further you get without missing, the more you will gain. If you miss one time you will gain your prize but, you will have to start over. Hope this helps.

response to post 99

greetings, good luck on getting the twitter login cause then i'd be able to make use of this also:)

I am in the process of

I am in the process of writing to apple accessibility to try to get a proper answer to this question as to why facebook might be a requirement to find out if this is apples new policy or what.


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I appreciate that buddy. This is what they made us do. Didn’t make sense to me either. If you can get more information about it, please let us all know.


I just finished both chapters, is it supposed to end with the commentators saying get out of my circus? And I still cannot unlock that one thing on the homepage called quack shot and I was able to unlock the shotgun but it is still locked, I did not purchase it with money but I did purchase it with tokens that I won during the game.


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If you look at comment 103. I walk you through. If you are not able to access the shotgun or Quack shot please send me an email. This way we can figure out what your issue is. I think I might be able to help you because I don’t think you our understanding the menus. Not a problem. We can figure it out.

my email to apple

Hi, below is my email I sent to apple, though I don't understand why you yourself didn't question this further either with the apple development center or with apple accessibility, now weather they will answer my question seeing as I am not the developer and really they are only meant for accessibility related questions I don't know but we will see.

this is my email.
Hello, I wonder if you can help me, I am a VoiceOver user and I have a question I hope you might be able to find out an answer to for me.

Recently a new audio game for people who are blind came out called circus masters revenge. This game keeps trying to prompt me as a user to sign into facebook,
the game claims this is needed to save game progress for example if I should move devices, and also the author has said that this is to allow for restoration
of inapp purchases.

However, I am very reluctant to grant the game access to my facebook, certainly the game progress seems to be saving on my actual device properly with
no issues, though I don't know if its going to iCloud.

The author claims that this sign into facebook is needed as a requirement by apple, is this correct, the game doesn't have any online features that require
an account, but the developer seems to believe that he has to have this facebook login because of apple rules.

But I can't believe as a user that apple is farming out management of its inapp purchases and saving of other data to facebook, I have never scene other
apps that need facebook login in order to save app or game related data, and I have never scene them need facebook to allow for restoration of inapp purchases
or game progress, as I thought all this stuff was handled by iCloud and purchases were in fact tied to an apple ID.

I would really appreciate if you could help clear all of this up and I can mention this on applevis where users and the developer will see this.



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When they gave me this information and regulation and they development process I told them nobody is going to be able to trust this. They did not believe me. You’re asking is going to prove it. Thank you buddy.


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My first response was, is the iCloud dead? Did it rain so hard that there’s no more memory? Now we have to Implement a third-party servers for the mile long highway? I was pissed off.


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Maybe when you find the truth. You will start to believe me. I’m not trying to screw anybody over. I would not do that.

I am not saying at all your

I am not saying at all your trying to do that, hopefully apple will answer the question and either it will turn out you were given wrong information or your developers didn't understand. I believe that you have acted in good faith though.

At an impass.

So, I've finished stage 6 I think, and been told to get out of the circus. Unfortunately, subsequent levels appear to be blocked. How am I meant to proceed?

Hi and thanks again for this

Hi and thanks again for this beautiful game! I also finished chapter 2 but I did not receive the premium tokens, not even the notification of the rifle release. But before starting chapter 1, I bought the biggest package of tokens, foolishly spent them all to relive after losing. Now I would like to buy more tokens but I have no more money on my payment method.

I'm really sorry, I wanted to

I'm really sorry, I wanted to release the duck hunt, I'll have to wait until the 27th of the month when I get my salary. But I'm happy with the purchase I made, for me it was a great pleasure to reward your hard work that you did to give us this fantastic game. Now I will await the other chapters with trepidation.

Not everybody has Facebook

Apple may have asked the developers to use Facebook to log in, but I know I'm not the only person playing Circus Master's Revenge who doesn't have Facebook. Thankfully there is an option to skip log-in, and I could get to the shop in the game without being logged into Facebook. But, from what's written here, I gather that a Facebook log-in is needed to restore purchases, so, if I upgrade my phone, I'll lose anything I've purchased, and I may perhaps be forced to start the game from the beginning on a new phone if saving of the game is done through Facebook. It's all very well saying there will be a Twitter log-in one day, that will work for me as I use Twitter, but what about people who don't use social media at all? Other IOS games use iCloud for saving the game, restoring purchases, and so on, and that works for every i-device user, because everyone has an Apple ID. So iCloud should be used with Circus Master's revenge as well, so that all players are on a level playing field when it comes to saving the game and restoring purchases: just my opinion!

little suggestions

hi! all,
the game is very good.
Joe and all your gteam have done a very good work in it!
may I have a little suggestion:
hope in the future update. we can switch the weapons in the game. not just setting.
maybe we can try 2 fingers double tap or single tap to switch weapons


App Developer

Crystal. When you finish chapter 2, it tells you that we are still under development. The game is not complete yet. When subsequent chapters are completed all you will have to do is an app update. I will post here when it is available.
Maranata, I am glad you are having fun with it. If what you say is true then, all you will need to do is purchase the small token package of 1000 to purchased a shotgun. Then you will be able to play quack shot all day long. This will help you earn free stuff.
Claire. This was what Apple asked us to do. A Facebook login was required to restore in app purchase. We hope to implement something else that’s easier. I thought the iCloud was bigger. I guess it isn’t.
Ming, we have tried to implement a way for you to carry more than one gun but it doesn’t work for some reason. We are still trying and hopefully will succeed in this. Thank you for your feedback my friends.

that sounded fishy to me too...

The first time I heard about the facebook login for restoring inapp purchaces... I was pissed as well. From what apple told joe, they are keeping records of, say, how much money you spent on a game, but they will no longer keep tabs on, what the user spent that money on, say, if you spent 15 dollars on circus master's revenge, apple would know that you spent 15 dollars, but on what... Not any more from what they told joe... Its odd that apple would all of a sudden do this though... Odd. Hope we find out soon

well this is the response i

well this is the response i got from apple accessibility, my question why haven't your developers investigated this if they are good developers. this is the email i got. i hope in light of this you can get rid of this stupid facebook nonsense, as it doesn't sound like you have had good support so far.

Thank you for your email. We do require developers to have a method of restoring purchases.
Mechanisms exist for the developer to restore purchase and store progress without requiring them to use a third party account.
Apple StoreKit can also be used for this. Should the developer require assistance with this he can contact developer support.

it was a

It was a missunderstanding someware along the way

I have a few suggestions.

I like the quack-shot, but it is so hard. you can rereduce the lag of the game. also, add a sound when a antagonist is to close to us. because what happens is when we are facing too much enemies at the same time, I got so confuse. Thanks.

Please help

Hello everyone, I would like help with chapter 2, round 4. When the circus master releases the clown bouncing Bob, I get killed every time. Even if I am using the pistol and Bullwhip . How would I get past this level?

Quack shot.

Hi. So, it would appear that I finished the game without needing the weapon bundles or anything except a couple of powerups. So, how does one unlock that quack shot thing?

The only audio thing to

The only audio thing to improve in my opinion is this: often when enemies approach the sound of their voice does not increase, especially when it comes to the girls who suck the blood, when they laugh I can never figure out if they are near or far from myself.

hi, i figured out that aiming

hi, i figured out that aiming the best way to do it was to hold my phone vertically with the lightning port facing the floor, then stand in one space with something near me like a bed, then actually turn my body this allowed for much more rapid aiming than turning the phone could provide, combine with the spray of the ak47 and this helped with getting things when i fired the ak47 automatically. i found it important to have something in front of me to avoid becoming disorientated with headphones on, and i alternated spinning clockwise and anti clockwise. i think this could be potentially very dangerous spinning with headphones in your ears, plus the tutorial at no point references turning your entire body. most games that allow for tilting of the phone to help with navigation aiming etc are quite happy to allow for tilting of the phone.

Explanation regarding the optional Facebook Login Feature.

App Developer

Hi Alex

Hope you are doing great!

This is Subham from the development team of this game.

I have noticed that you had raised your concerns on the optional Facebook Login feature of Circus Master's Revenge. Let me clarify the scenario & in-game algorithms to you.

Firstly, this login feature is not a mandatory one, it is optional and will be required to store & sync your progress & mainly the non-consumable In-App purchases remotely to the game server (not the Facebook server).

Now coming to the point, why Apple's default restore mechanism was not used for this game. Apple's default restores mechanism can only be able to do restoration if all the items are purchased directly from Apple by spending real money. However, in our game, all the non-consumable items, i.e. weapons & stats are redeemable, not purchasable, i.e. you can only have those by redeeming tokens & tickets only. Due to this, Apple will not be able to restore those non-consumable items by using the Store kit as they are not purchased directly from Apple.

Here goes my explanation regarding the selection of the optional login for the game & how this works. As per the guidance of Apple, we have implemented an optional login feature in this game as we are handling redemptions through intermediatory game currencies, i.e. Tokens & Tickets.

Why Facebook? There are a couple of ways to sync game progress remotely to the game server.

1. Email registration with the game server - To incorporate the same, a user needs to enter his/her Name, Email ID, the preferred password for the game, confirm the preferred password for the game & then only his/her game account can be created. After that, the user needs to login by using the email id & the password. I am sure that you can understand how cumbersome this process will be for the visually impaired community. For this, this was not used.

2. Social Login (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) - To use any one of these, the login procedure is obviously relatively easier, i.e. no need to do a manual registration. The name & email ID of the user are getting fetched from the social site to sync the game data with the game server. Please note, Circus Master's Revenge is not the only game to use optional Facebook Login to sync game data. Let me tell you some of the names of those renowned games, i.e. Clash Of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, 8 Ball Pool, PubG, Subway Surfers etc.

Now regarding your privacy-related concerns for any 3rd party Social Site, request you to go through the Privacy Policy of the Mental Vision Games by accessing the following URL.

Also please note, this login feature is an optional one, i.e. any user may proceed to the game without using the feature.

Finally, regarding the data safety of the game server, the game server is protected by the highly-secured EVSSL & IPv6 reachability to make everything secured.

Hopefully, I am able to clarify your concerns regarding the optional login feature of this game!

Thanks & Regards,


hi sudham, thanks for your

hi sudham, thanks for your explanation. so what happens if i don't use the facebook feature, i delete the game and reinstall later, i know i would lose tokens and tickets, but does this mean i would also lose non consumable purchases that don't expire e.g health upgrades, weapons bundles etc. i think a setting needs to be added to allow for disabling of facebook nag screens to sign in, and a much clearer explanation of why the facebook system is needed. i think the whole token and ticket system makes the game over complicated, and inapp purchases are over priced, and at least for me i don't feel they made a difference to my ability to play the game, certainly as far as health is concerned, but of course this is my opinion. and i do appreciate the time you took to explain this feature properly. will sign in with apple be implemented as an alternative to facebook, twitter etc, as i would trust apple more. to be honest though once i have finished the remaining chapters of the game after release i don't think it will be staying on my phone. also, as regards this restoration mechanism, i feel its a grave oversight not to explain it properly. as if i understand you right facebook is needed to allow for any purchases related to the game to be saved, after having reread your comment, and because of this silly token and ticket system the game needs its own server to save records of all purchases both those made with tokens and those made with physical cash. so therefor, if someone makes a purchase using real money, and doesn't sign into facebook but deletes the game, this means that they will lose everything including actual cash purchases with no way to get them back, sorry considering the cost of some of those purchases this is a very serious omission. i think once a user makes a physical purchase with real cash login needs to be encouraged with a proper canded explanation of consequences if someone doesn't log in.

Explanation regarding the optional Facebook Login Feature_2

App Developer

Hi Alex

I would like to reinstate my explanation regarding the restoration logic of this game for the non-consumable items. Please note, no non-consumable item of this game can be purchased by spending Real-Money. All of them can only be purchased by using the intermediatory/game currency. And as mentioned in my previous post, Apple can only restore those non-consumable purchases which were purchased by real money. That means, to restore the non-real-money purchases, an optional login feature was suggested by Apple so that the same can be used to restore all the purchases, i.e. both Consumable + Non-Consumables. Currently, this is handled through Facebook Login. Btw, App Store has also approved the same as this is absolutely complies with their policies.

I am sure that you have already gone through the Privacy Policy of the owning company of this game, i.e. Mental Vision Games which I had shared with you in our previous posts.

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable opinions on the game & these are all noted & we will definitely think about those as & when requires.

I thought I had already provided the reasons to have an optional Social Login feature of this game to you. Reinstating the same. Please note, Facebook login is not a new feature in the mobile gaming world & this is adapted by many of the famous games (which I had mentioned previously). The reasons are, user-friendly login process, non-consumable purchases + game data need to be synced with the secure game server + Game Progress related data. Btw, the optional login feature was introduced in this game as per the guidance of App Store Review team.

Again, thanks for sharing your opinions with us!

Thanks & Regards,


Doesn’t make sense to me

Why not just get rid of facebook and just use tokens to buy stuff. Are you really sure that’s what apple said? Couldn’t you put the tickets with the coins in stead of having them be separate menus? We still buy them with real money I think we should be able to restore them from the App Store if they were in app purchases. This whole facebook thing is confusing. It would be easier to do it all through the App Store.

It makes sense to me.

Trying to analyze the explanation which was given:
Apple's own mechanism for restoring purchases applies only to non-consumable in-app purchases. So, for the mechanism to apply, an item must:
- be purchased directly with real money
- not be consumable, that is, remain yours forever
Tokens and tickets are in-app purchases, meaning they are purchased from within the app for real money, but they are consumable because you can buy weapons and power-ups with them. So the mechanism does not apply.
Power-ups are not in-app purchases as they are not purchased directly for real money, and they are also consumable as they can be used up. So the mechanism does not apply to them either.
Finally, weapons are non-consumable, remaining yours forever, but they are not in-app purchases as they are purchased not for real money but for tokens. So again the mechanism would not apply.
So as far as I understand it, tokens, tickets, power-ups and weapons are stored on a game server and indexed by an authentication token generated by Facebook. Seems plausible.
Cheers Perry

Correct, Perry!

App Developer

Yes, Perry. You are absolutely spot on!

Thanks for the understanding.

Thanks & Regards.


Those who don’t have facebook

What about people who don’t have facebook or any social media how will they restore their stuff if they get a new phone?

response to post 132

greetings, I am one of those who don't use FB for personal reasons. so how can the game store my progress ETC, unless you are able to emplament a twitter login as an option?

first game I've seen

This is the first game I seen do this. all the other games like Feer and time crest use the App Store to restore purchases.

Twitter Login will also be added!

App Developer

Hi Harmonica

The Twitter login option will also be added later. The development of the same is underway.

Thanks & Regards,


response to post 40

greetings subham sweet :) :) can't wait:) looking forward to it:)

Thank you Subham

App Developer

Thank you Subham for clearing all this up. I hope it makes sense to everyone now. I wasn’t able to explain it correctly. Our development team is going to try to make all of this easier as we go.

keep it simple

I think you should have made it easy fro the get go, you know, KISS? Right now it is not KISs, I mean who uses twitter to restore in app purchases, this is the only app that i know of which does so and that is not cool. I would give the app a 1 star on the app store just for that.

Please enable Registration by email

Club AppleVis Member

Thanks so much for explaining that mysterious user registration. It does make sense for me.
Still, I would recommend you to offer the possibility for users to register just by email.
While that process will indeed take a few more steps, I don‘t agree with your statement that „ghe process is very cumbersome for the visually impaired community“. I think I can assure you that myself and most other members of our community will be able to handle it. And if you keep offering FB Registration as an alternative, those who do have an account and who don‘t do the registration process can always chose that way instead.
Good luck and thanks to you for your hard work.

hi sudham, thanks for your

hi sudham, thanks for your reply to me, your explanation was fine for me, but my point is you don't explain any of this in game to users. not all blind people use applevis, or social media come to that, i mean i didn't even know about the privacy policy etc. i must admit i am also tempted to leave a 1 star review as well. sorry but this tokens and tickets stuff feels like a money making exercise to me. also not all blind people have social media. its no good you explaining this on here and not in game. i know for example of people on who don't use applevis. for me tickets and tokens don't add to the fun of game play they make it extra complicated. i would far rather pay with cash for everything, simple and more transparent. lets be honest tokens and tickets are a way for you to try to monitize users.

I second Alex's post above. I

I second Alex's post above. I think he's absolutely right in this case. Not everybody has social media, nor do we want to be buying these tokens and tickets with real money. Instead, have the game be purchased from the word "go!" and then have tokens and tickets rack up the more clowns etc you kill. I, too am not exactly thrilled with the strategy, but whatever floats your boat!

I finally got a loan and was

I finally got a loan and was able to unlock the game of duck hunting. But I can't hear the lighthouse. How do I know when to shoot?

My Thoughts on CMR

Alright, so I've given the game a try, and although it does need some fine tuning, it isn't that bad for a 1.0 release.

I am not going to get in too deep regarding the Facebook login and purchasing tokens/tickets, as I chose to try and play the game without buying tokens/tickets, and I prefer not logging into Facebook for any game.

I would suggest though, while in the menu system, being either able to increase the speech rate of the voice or have a toggle in the settings to reduce the amount of details the screen reader reads aloud. I'm also sure that with a bit of fine tuning, perhaps the load times could be shortened a little. Furthermore, I would also suggest not asking the user to log into Facebook every time you move throughout the menus. It appears that each time I go to the Shop, or to continue my game, or into the settings, I keep encountering the message saying I should log into Facebook to save my progress. There is nothing wrong with having that message appear each time you first open the game, but once the user swipes that away, it should not reappear at all until the next time you open the app. Having that message pop up regularly does get a little annoying.

As for lag during game play, I really haven't noticed any to be honest, and I'm using the second generation AirPods, which work fine. Although I tend to place my phone with the screen facing up and the lightning port towards me, basically how you would comfortably hold it while using it, it, and that works fine for me.

One little question when I finished Chapter 1 and did that whole death wheel, I did manage to get some tokens, and then when I started playing Chapter 2, I think Stage 2, each time I survived a round, I got more tokens.

Upon finishing Stage 2 and moving to Stage 3, I had to put the phone away and close the game, as my lunch break was over. I came back to it later on and thought I would redo Stage 2, in the hopes of getting more tokens, so I could buy the double-barrel shotgun when it became unlocked. Unfortunately, when going through Stage 2 again, I didn't score any tokens. Not a big deal, figured the game remembered I had gotten my tokens for that stage already, but did think that I would perhaps continue getting more tokens once I began Stage 3. Alas, no luck! I've continued playing passed Stage 3, but am no longer getting anymore tokens at all.

Now I am not sure if this is by design and you're only supposed to get tokens in Stage 2, or perhaps you're supposed to keep getting tokens as you play along through Chapter 2. I do agree that it would be better to give the player a small number of tokens each time they progress through the game, starting at Chapter 1. It doesn't have to be a huge amount of tokens, maybe 100 or 200 tokens, That way if users can't afford to purchase tokens, can still progress through the game, although a little slower. Right now as it stands, it does appear as though you would REALLY like people to buy tokens or tickets to progress through the game. I understand that development does come with a cost, and I'm sure there is a way to make the game a little profitable, while still allowing some to progress through the game, although be it a little slower, and for those who wish to support the game, can purchase the extra content and not wait.

I look forward to see what you guys come out with next and whether or not our protagonist will eventually win back his freedom.

On a side note, I recently listened to the Blind Abilities podcast, where Jessie from the Illegally Sighted YouTube channel and, you Jo, were on talking about the game and I agree that the sounds are really good. I do agree that you guys got an awesome voice actor to play the Circus Master. Although I can see why you guys might think when you say he sounds a bit like Mark Hamill, I think he sounds more like Tim Curry when he laughs. Still find the voice really affective in being creepy, in a funny way.

Great job on all of your hard work and keep it up!

Thank you

App Developer

Thank you all for your feedback. For me, please from now on send me an email with your feedback. I wanted to open this form so that we are able to help each other in a certain areas of the game. If someone is having trouble getting past a certain stage. I appreciate it.