command to turn off iPhone sounds using a Braille display.

Good day. I forgot this command and wonder if anyone knows the command to turn off the iPhone voiceover sounds using a Braille display. I have a refreshabraille 18. I can turn off the speech and used to know the command to turn off the sounds. Thanks.


#1 command to turn off iphone sounds with refreshabraille

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First of all, you want to have sounds listed in your roder. Then you want to hit either space with dots 2-3 or space with dots 56 to go through your roder options until you get to sounds and then hit the joyce stick up or down. That will turn your sounds on or off. hth

#2 no exact command

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Hi. This feature is only present with iOS 7. You can do as was described earlier, or go in to Settings, General, Accessibility, VoiceOver, and turn sounds off. To my knowledge, there is no keyboard command that will let you do this directly.