Comparing iPhone 8 Plus, X, and 11

I have the opportunity to get a new iPhone, because my 6+ is five years old and about to die on me.
I would like feedback on the 8+, and any versions of iPhone 10 or 11.
I'm leaning toward the 8+ because it's less expensive, and it still has a home button.
Is there any reason accessibilitywise to go for the newer and more expensive phones?
Are there any features in these newer models that would convince me to keep saving for the new ones?
Any opinions welcome.
Thank you.


What you’re willing to put up with

Another issue to consider is the iPhone 8 for most likely still have an earlier version of iOS installed and will ask you to update to the latest iOS 13. So if you’re willing to put up with I was 13 go ahead and get the iPhone 11

Does the display matter to you?

It depends on whether the display matters to you. Having no vision myself, I'm very happy with my iPhone 8 and do not plan to upgrade this year. However, my sighted wife just upgraded from her iPhone 8 Plus to the iPhone 11 Pro Max because she likes the better display and the Face ID. She compared her 8 Plus with the 11 (not the Pro models) and actually liked the 8 Plus slightly better, but the Pro Max is a larger screen and the OLED does look better, she says. But unless you're into photography and a better display, there isn't much advantage to the iPhone 11 models over the iPhone 8 models.

The iPhone 8 Plus has a home button and Touch ID whereas the iPhone 11 has Face ID and no home button. All of these models will run the latest iOS, so if there's no advantage to you in having a better display, then I'd save the money and go with one of the iPhone 8 models.

I have

I have had an iPhone 8 Plus for the last 15 months and it runs just fine. The 8 models will likely get iOS updates for the next couple of years, so, as another poster said, unless you care about a better display and better cameras, I would save the money and go with one of the eight models.

Heres my two sense. If you

Heres my two sense. If you can, wait till next year when apple releases the iPhone 12 or whatever they'll call it. The iPhone 11, not the pro, doesn't have an OLED display. It's basically an iPhone 10R but with updated hardware. New CPU, more memory, a slightly better camera, ETC. The iPhone 8 is 3 years old, sure you'll have a couple iOS versions, but if you can get the 11, go for it. If you are one of those who like touchID and the home button, either get the 8 or keep your 6S plus, and replace the battery if you can. I personally have my X and love it.

iPhone MOdels

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It really comes down to cost analysis. Especially as a VoiceOver user the screens don't' matter that much, and all of them have good enough cameras for Seeing AI, Aira, etc. That said, the faster the processor, the better Seeing AI works especially for searching for Barcodes. When I went from the iPhone 7 to the XR, the biggest noticeable thing for me was how much quicker Seeing AI can do things.
It sounds like you tend to keep a phone as long as possible. If you plan to keep that mindset, then buying something that will be supported longer may have more value. I'd hesitate about the iPhone 8 lineup because it is 3+ years old, so there are probably around 3 iOS updates left for it. An iPhone 11 will probably get around 5 or 6 more updates.
I'd suggest a compromise: The iPhone XR is 1 year old so will get only one less update than the iPhone 11 going forward, and probably a couple more than the iPhone 8. Apple is stil selling the XR new, and if memory serves it is $100 less than the 11, and around $150 or so more than the iPhone 8. So as far as value purchase, it just may be the sweet spot right now. If you shop around you may be able to find a refurbished one for less as well.