Considering Buying an iPad Pro to Replace my Mid 2011 MacBook Air

Hello Applevis peeps,
I am looking for a viable replacement option for my Mid 2011 MacBook Air.
Even though it still works fine for me, I have had it for 5 years and know it will eventually need to be replaced.
I am considering getting an iPad Pro because it is cheaper than the Air, and from what I understand I can do a lot of the same things on the Air that can be done on the iPad Pro.
I am a college student, and I use my Mac to do all of my assignments and research. Can this be done on the iPad Pro? I know I can do web searches, but can I write papers formatted correctly using Pages on the iPad Pro?
I know someone already posted a topic about whether or not they could do al their classwork on an iOS device, but emphasis on that seemed to be on the iPhone.
Is an iPad Pro a viable solution to this? Let me know in the comments.


Hi. I wouldn't replace a Mac

Hi. I wouldn't replace a Mac with an iPad Pro. It can get quite tedious proof reading your documents and there is no way of correcting spelling mistakes as the autocorrect doesn't work with a keyboard and there isn't a spell checking facility on the iPad Pro. In my opinion! The iPad is great for casual use such as checking e-mails and social networking. If you can't budget for a new MacBook Air, Then just invest in a Windows Laptop that has a s
SSD drive as they run much faster and are more reliable as I have a HP 11.6in netbook running Windows 10 and it hasn't slowed down and boot up time is quite fast. It only cost me £150 and it's more usefull to me than an iPad Pro which would of cost around £500 for the smaller version. I see iPads as entertainment devices and no more because I can't see how you can write lengthy assignments on them and formatting may be an issue along with spell checking.

I don't think we're quite there yet.

I would love to go all iOS for personal computing needs, but I don't think we're quite there with VO. I was hoping that with the introduction of custom rotor options in iOS 10, that Apple would finally give us an easy way to spell check, at least in Pages. I've played a little bit with the iPad Pro and its smart keyboard, it's a bit different to use with VoiceOver, although I'd probably get more used to it in time.

Then there's the issue with

Then there's the issue with file management and storage. Since there's no finder on iOS, you'd have to figure out another way to store and get at your files. I'm looking into this myself. I think you could, in theory at least, put everything in something like dropbox or iCloud Drive, or get one of those WiFi hard drives. I would love to try that at some point when the budget allows it. As you know you can't plug a regular thumb drive into an iPad, and as a student you'd be surprised how handy one of those can be.

I used to have an iPad, but...

I used to have an iPad, but gave it to my mother as having an iPad, an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a MacBook Air would be too much on my hands. now, the only devices I now own are as follows: a MacBook air (13-inch, early 2014), an iPhone 5s, An Apple Watch, and soon-to-be iPod nano. that's quite enough. I'm a happy camper with what I already have.

File Management

As far as File Management goes, I'd give FileBrowser a serious look. It does local, iCloud, Dropbox, network shares, and just about everything else you can think of. It supports open in to get files both in and out. I also have a Leef iBridge USB drive and its accompanying MobileMemory app. This is a flash drive with a USB connector on one end and a lightning on the other. A very helpful device. You don't need to, and shouldn't, go all cloud as your first storage option.

Not sure about that

I don't really like where Windows accessibility is going, particularly in Windows 10 which is what you'll get. If an iPad won't cut it (I honestly don't know as I haven't been a student for over ten years), and you're used to and like a Mac, get a Mac. I'd say get another Air. I have the 2015 13-inch and love it. I haven't found any Windows machine that can get the combination of battery life and speed that won't cost you even higher than the equivalent Air, as to get a Windows machine that's this good you're looking into business laptops.

The Mac is more flexable.


I don’t understand why folks think an iPad Pro can replace the Mac.

In the real world, I have yet to see a large business that only uses Mac OSX let alone IOS. With a Mac, you can run boot camp or VM with your favorite version of windows and screen reader. There will be a time when you’ll run into a program that will only work in Windows and you’ll be glad you have a Mac that also has Windows.

Until the Ipad can do ALL the things a Mac can do, not just some, I will never choose an Ipad over a Mac.

The iPad Pro is a joke

Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra on a new Mac Air. The iPad in general is a joke and this extends to the pro. As long as Apple insists that iOS include so many restrictions, I refuse to take it completely seriously. It works reasonably well on my iPhone, but when the browser can't do something as simple as download any type of file or upload files, I have a hard time taking things seriously. Imagine how awesome Apple's mobile operating system could be if they lifted all the silly limitations and did away with things like the restrictive App Store and proprietary lightning connections. At this point, I'd almost be comfortable using Android as my primary computing platform as it has file management and more robust application support. I will never understand why the iPad Pro runs iOS and not OS X. Isn't the iPad Pro supposed to be targeted at professionals? How do you expect anyone to get anything done when you're basically purchasing a more expensive iPad with the same iOS restrictions? I'm disgusted. Apple's Macintosh computers are awesome. While iOS is an accessible operating system, it's just "okay". If you don't depend on a file manager or don't need to do anything serious, it may work, but for users that do more, it's a joke.