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Hi there. Finally I bought a macbook air, and I am really impresed. The last time I worked with a mac was under yosemite, with a old macbook pro, and now all feels much more responsive and easy to use.However, I have a couple of questions:1. I have my sistem language set to spanish, so the keyboard is in spanish too, and I noticed I cannot use command left arrow to go back, in safary, preferences, the finder... I am sure I used this shortkey but it is not supported anymore, or Am I missing something? The only alternative I found is using command plus left braket, but it does not work unless I change my keyboard to english. ANY non english user of a mac knows how to deal with that? (oh, official mac guides online in spanish list the same shortkey, command plus left braket, aparently apple uses the exact keyboard scheme for all the languages...).2. In safary, I usually turn navquick on for reading content and surfing the web, however, when I press command plus L to enter an url, or search for anything, navquick is still activated, so I must turn it off before typping. Is there any alternative? This behavior is a bit anoying... In fact, in my old yosemite computer, some years ago, I did remember quicknav turned offf automatically to allow me typping, but perhaps I am wrong...Thanks in advance for any help¡!



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Hello Alan,
I am not a Spanish speaking person, but maybe the thoughts below will help.
You are correct in thinking that Command-left bracket is for moving Back in Safari. I had tried remapping this to Command-left arrow back in El Capitan, but did not have much luck. If you wish to explore the key mapping features of Mac, go to:
Apple Menu>System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts Tab
In the Shortcuts Categories Table, choose a category, choose the Apps Shortcuts. The next table to the right is the Application Shortcuts Table. Once more to the right is the Add button to create a new shortcut. In the window that appears you can set an application, then name the shortcut exactly the same as the Menu item that you want to replace. Then you enter your new key combination for the shortcut.
I just tried this, but could not get it to respond correctly. It may need a bit more exploration.
As for the Command-L to open url, mine seems to work with QuickNav turned on in English language. One thing you could try, Control-Option-Tab will force VO to ignore the next keypress. This allows for entering standard system shortcuts that do not play nicely with VO. Try pressing Control-Option-Tab first, then press Command-L.
Perhaps these tips may help.
Best regards.

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Hi, I too am about to purchase a MacBook Air in the next month or so and was wondering; one, is it a MacBook Air 2016 and two, how does it perform with VoiceOver? Is it sluggish or snappy and responsibe? The reason why I am asking is that this will be my very first Mac and I plan on maxing out the processor and getting the 256 gb SSD drive and am hoping that it will be fast and snappy. I know that I could probably go to an Apple Store but there isn't any near where I live , so it is a little difficult to get my hands on one. Thanks!

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I was wondering the same thing. Finally I bought a macbook air, intel i7 procesor: firs, cause it is the only macbook whitch still supports usb (the classic one, not tipe C), and because the new macbook keyboard is not very confortable to me. I have used for two days and it is fast as hell, voiceover is very responsive and macos sierra works fast (and the furious, possibly as well. Hope this helps.Y

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Regarding the shortcut question, you mention going back in the Finder? I suppose this probably depends on how you have Finder laid out, but I personally have it laid out in list mode and usually use Command + Up and Command + Down; down opens a folder, and up closes it and returns to the previous level. Does that help?

Regarding questions of speed, I can't comment specifically on MBA, but my 2014 MBP is as snappy as the day I bought it refurbished in early 2015, so if you buy a new MBA I'm sure you're going to have great performance.

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Great to hear, look forweard to getting my hands on mine soon. Besides AppleVis, are there great resource materials for a Mac newbie?

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Hi! I have a Macbook air 2014, i have him as 3 years. From my expiernce VoiceOver works fine, MacOs Sierra work fine, but i had incounted in time s that she doesn't work speed. I had a several crashes, and lags with VoiceOver. I hope i helped.