Crafting kingdom question

Hi there. I’ve recently started playing crafting kingdom, and wow i’m loving it ☺️ Not what i would have chosen previously but this is just addictive. My question is, once a few quests have been completed and you get the suggestion to “reset the game to reep the rewards”, what does reset mean? Is it saying select quit then play again (it still remembering what’s happened previously), or does it simply mean close down with the app switcher then reopen? Many thanks in advance. I just wanted some advice to prevent me losing all my work so far.



When you reset the game progress, you keep your new rewards, but you start rebuilding the buildings from the beginning. So, you'll have to repurchase the buildings you've already purchased, because it restarts the game basically that's what is happening here, with all your new rewards activated.

Resetting the game.

You need to go to the castle and then get to the bottom of the screne and you'll see clame quest rewards. Double tap on that and then flick to the right and double tap on okay and then okay again.


You can reset when it suggests, or when you want. I try to finish all of my quests before resetting because you start the game over at the beginning but with the new quest rewards active.

Once you do this more quests pop up and it progresses. If you build up your home those effects stay in play regardless of restart so you'll always have the benefit of your storage upgrade from that.

Hope this helps.


This means that you have to restart the game. You will keep all quest rewards and all of the uncompleted quests. This has to be done a lot, wich I think is the best part of the game.


Thanks everyone. I’ve never really chosen this game before - i’ve usually gone for the sort of games apps like DiceWorld offers, but i must say i’m really enjoying this; i only started playing yesterday and it’s rather addictive ☺️

answer to your crafting kingdom query

greetings, when it gives you the hint of resetting game to reep rewards, you have to go into the castle, and hit claim quest rewards, and there it will advise you what rewards you have obtained, and give you optionto reset game progress so you can actually claim rewards earned. Once you actually allow game to reset progress and you claim earned rewards, you'll be given new qwests to complete besides any old ones you haven't done yet. good luck;)