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Hi. Wondering what dating apps people are using these days and would recommend? I just opened the OK Cupid app on iPhone for the first time in ages, and disappointingly the VoiceOver accessibility looks to have gone backwards.
So any recommendations?


Plenty of Fish

Hi, I too have tried OkCupid and was also sadly disappointed that the app did not seem to be that accessible. I've installed and had Plenty of fish on my phone for a long time. The app still seems to be pretty accessible, with a few minor nuissances, but for the most part, still fairly useable. I don't use it everyday but will occasionally check to see who the app matches me with in the hopes to find that special someone.

My thoughts

The problem with Plenty of Fish is the large amount of bots and fake accounts. I tried EHarmony and it was mostly accessible but it is very expensive and I never got anywhere with it to feel like paying more. I might try Tinder

Re Dating Apps

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True, I have also dabbled with Plenty of Fish a few times, though did not really like it, or at least I didn't find it as successful for meeting people as OK Cupid, not sure why. But yes I probably should give it another go.
As for Tinder, I had thought that was more of a visual platform, so had stayed away from it. So interesting to hear that people using it. I have never tried E-Harmony, partly because of the cost, I figure there are enough free ones out there :)
Keep them coming :)

Ok Cupid question

Hi, I'm using Ok Cupid for few days now and it works pretty ok. My only doubt is how to know if the person I'm talking to is online? Do any of you guys know how to find that with Voice over on iOS or with Jaws in Windows browser?


GROWLr: The Gay Bear Social Media
works quite well, if one happens to be gay or bi

Re @Vikas

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I'm surprised you find OK Cupid good. While the most recent version seems a little better with VoiceOver, I still can't even find buttons on people's profile to like them or send them a message.
Or are you talking about the website rather than the app?

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I met my wife on almost 9 years ago. Used it on line. Worth the money.

Re @Dave

Hey Dave, I only use the Ok Cupid app for chatting with a friend. But whenever my laptop is running, I use Ok Cupid website. As I said, I've started using it very recently and unable to find either with Voiceover or Jaws whether my friend is currently online. Is there a way to know?

Re @Vikas

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I have no idea, sorry mate.
Do you mind me asking, why are you using OK Cupid for chatting to a friend though? Would you not be better using Twitter, facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Messages for example?

Re @Dave

Hey Dave, It's because We met on Ok Cupid itself a few days ago

OK Cupid online status

Hi Vikas and all,
Yes, there is a way to find a user’s online status with OkCupid. You have to double tap a button that is indicated as dimmed. I don’t remember the name of it. I disabled my account for various reasons, one of which is the inaccessibility of the app, especially when going through your list of matches; there is no way to discard one if you’re not interested in them (other than blocking them that I found anyway).
I can re-enable my account and find the name of this button and reply back when I’ve done so.
I’m also curious to know people’s experience with Tinder from a Voiceover standpoint. I tried it a year or two ago and found it to be highly inaccessible. Has this improved since then?

Follow up to my last message

Hello again,

The way to find someone‘s online status is to go into their profile in the OKCupid app and double tap and hold the button called { dimmed button. Hope this helps.

Re @Vicky

Hey Vicky, it worked. Thanks :)
I've not tried Tinder.

Just bumping this thread

Hi, I've been messing around on tinder... Basically swiping everyone, but find that an app that is almost exclusively based on images is a rather fruitless per-suit for a blind user. I've also been trying bumble which is mostly accessible unless you want to access it's deeper settings but the issue remains despite there being more opportunity for personal information.

I just looked into hinge, but the app is a mess and there is no online version.

Have any of you had any more experiences with other platforms which offer more text based profiles rather than the rather shallow window shopping types?



I've been able to use Grindr pretty well.

Ok if you happen to be gay or bi again ...

Facebook Dating

Now, after some time, decided to give up on Plenty of Fish and have tried Facebook's new dating feature.

For the most part, the feature seems to work fairly well with no issues that I've come across.

Accessible dating apps

Maybe people think we blind people do not date or have sex or reproduce. Could it b why apps are not accessible? The question of the ages.

This is sad.

Hello. I have also tryed apps for dating, but it is not very accessible. People have to make this accessible. We have also rite to love.

just my two cents worth on this subject

Let me just start by saying that I'm not trying to discourage anybody from using these apps or websites, this is just some advice that I thought would be good to pass along. Dating apps are dangerous. I'm sure most of these dating apps and websites don't do background checks on the people who sign up for them. People can say whatever they want about themselves on their dating profiles, it may be true, it may be nothing but a bunch of lies, you never know. If by some chance you happen to meet somebody on one of these dating services, don't agree to meet at your home or place of work. meet this person in a public place, take a friend with you the first time. You can use been varrified to run a background check on a person if you happen to meet somebody on one of these dating services. The been varrified app is completely accessable. While certain parts of a person's background check are free, their name, any phone numbers, and addresses they lived at are free, other things like any crimes they commited are not and you will have to pay for that. I think the full report is something like $15 a month.

Fair warning, however...

This is true, however this is an aspect of online dating that is common to all who use it and not visually impaired, partially sighted or blind specific. The safety of its users reside with the application and the common sense of the user and I would argue, that this falls out of the question of the OP though, it's good advice to bare in mind for anyone. Stay sensible, but have fun.

Regarding dating applications, I believe that some are partially accessible, in so far as one can use the app. The issue I find is that the premise is not. I think that the increase in applications that rely on images over information makes the whole purpose of dating applications somewhat pointless for us.

How does the Facebook dating system work? Is there more information and user based matching? It does, I'd assume, have the advantage, of having mutual friends or connections to get some feedback regarding the person such that we can't access like style, image, the personality they convey in their pictures... Sadly, pictures paint a thousand words is a truism.

Cupids Arrow

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There is a new accessible site called Cupids Arrow, designed by a brilliant blind guy that helped me create my online card game site Blind Adrenaline. It's purpose is to allow the disabled to find friends and partners without all the complicated setup, and he is giving out 3 months of premium memberships until March 31.
I know this isn't specifically an Apple thing, but figured folks checking this thread might find it helpful. Good luck.

Facebook Dating

The feature is found in the Facebook app itself. I believe if you tap onto the Facebook Menu tab, at the bottom right of the screen, then open the Show All Shortcuts area, there is an option called Dating.

If you tap on this, it'll bring you to the feature where you can set up your profile.

I believe you can set up the age range for matches and set up a profile. Once that is done, then, each time you return to the Dating feature, from the top down, you have buttons, such as... Dating Settings, where you can configure your matches, then there is a Dating Profile, where you can set up your own profile, then Liked You, where others whom have seen your profile and liked you will appear. Then you have a Matches button, where you can view your matches.

Then you have a Story button, that I'm not too sure as that is something new.

After that it has a Profile Card button, followed by a No Thanks and a Like button.

Then you have three last buttons. the first two are called Suggestions from your Events and Suggestions from your Groups, which I'm guessing would give you matches from Events you are participating in and matches from your Facebook Groups. Then lastly, we have a button called Secret Crush. From what I can remember, you can insert a name of a crush you have in your Facebook friends, and they will only ever know if they insert your name as a Secret Crush too.

Also, once you and a potential match have liked each other, you can also chat with one another. I believe there is also a section in the chat area that you can select from common questions, like What is your favourite science-fiction movie?, or other fun questions to break the ice.

If you wish to read a profile, you simply have to tap on the Profile Card in order to view it. Once in the profile, you can read through it and then tap on either the No Thanks or the Like button at the bottom. When pressing on either of these buttons, the profile changes to a new match, and you can simply just bring focus back to the top of the screen and begin reading the new profile.

I've been using this for a while and do find it pretty much accessible. I have had a few matches and have liked a few of my own and it has worked pretty well.

I do agree with Treky Fan and Oliver that you do have to be prudent and use common sense when using an online dating service, but like Oliver mentioned, this is true for anyone, sighted or blind, using an online dating service.


Sounds good

That's great. Now if only I could get back onto Facebook. All my accounts have been disabled! Ha. Just another hurdle in love... Or accidentally matching with a goat called Colin.


To begin with, the person who said online dating is dangerous has a point, up to a point. if you handle it sensibly it can actually be less dangerous than orthodox dating. you've a chance to know a lot more about the person you're dating before you meet them, to begin with. sure, they might not be who they say they are, but you can do that with orthodox dating too. Anyone who's seen that episode of Only Fools and Horses entitled 'Dates' wil know what I'm talking about, and anyone who hasn't seen it jolly well should.

My experience with online dating apps is that the free ones are nice because they're free, but they also get the lion's share of nutjobs because they're free. eHarmony might be expensive but I found my other half on there and thought that, by and large, you've got a more limited but at the same time more sensible selection. The app had its accessibility issues but I found it usable, and where the app fell short I could at least go on the website which usually filled the gap. I should add that this was three or so years ago, so the app might have gone backwards since then. If you go for eHarmony, be honest in the questionnaire. it saves time later.


It did a profile for fun and did a search. It looks like no one is there. Did a basic search and found no one. Unless you have to pay first? Did not see anything about March.