Debating A New iPad Model

Hello to the applevis community! I am looking into purchasing a new iPad since my 1st gen mini cannot receive the 9.2 update. If you were going to upgrade, would you go with a 4th gen mini or an iPad air 2? I have heard of some problems with the original iPad air and bluetooth, as well as some VoiceOver quality issues, so has anyone else exxperienced this in the 2nd gen air? I will also carry the new iPad in a bt keyboard case, so does anyone have any suggestions for cases for either iPad version? Thanks in advance for all of your help! :)


It Depends

It depends on which screen size you want. The iPad Air 2 and Mini 4 are nearly the same as far as I know. The only thing that is different is the screen size. So, get the Mini 4 if you want a smaller screen. As for 9.2, it should be able to be installed on the original Mini. I don't own an iPad, so can't say all this for sure. I hope this helps.

I have

I have the iPad mini 2 I still can upgrade to iOS 9.2. Like Chris said it depends on the screen size and portability

Updating to 9.2

Thanks for the info! I was able to download the update, but there is no button that says install. The name of the update is also dimmed. I did some research and read that only the iPad mini with retina display can run the 9.2 update, but perhaps I was miss informed?