Default VoiceOver voice for iPhone X

Recently I had to replace my iPhone X due to a defect with the battery. Before my old settings downloaded from iCloud, I noticed that the default voice for VoiceOver was especially responsive in performing touch typing for text entry on the virtual keyboard. However, now that my old settings have been restored, I am back to the VO voice I had previously and can't seem to find the default VO voice I thought was more responsive. I am especially interested in cutting the time delay when I place my finger on a keyboard key and the time it takes to confirm the key name, like the delay between saying "b" and "bravo." Thoughts on how I can find this default VO voice which had almost no delay at all?


#1 I believe

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I believe the voice defaults to Samantha.

#2 default VO voice

Yes, that's what I thought too, but, when I changed the voice back to samantha, the gap between "b" and "bravo" was still there. Perhaps the delay is due to something other than the voice?

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I think it is the case with all of the Vocalizer voices that you will have the gap. I think if you have a Siri voice that you are using as a default you will not have the lag between the letter and the phoenetic spelling. The only thing I can think of is there may be a setting that allows you to set the delay between, but I am uncertain about this one. I'm not in a position I can check my phone's settings at this time.

#4 Siri Voices

Through both my own experience and the experiences of others, I have found that Siri voices are laggy and crash very often, so they would not be ideal for use with VoiceOver.

#5 Re: default VO voice

Ok, good thought. Think I will explore the siri voices a bit. Thanks.

#6 DResponsive Default VoiceOver Default Voice

While I am not using an iPhone 10, I have found that not all voices are created equal. I am a frequent user of the braille screen input feature, and for a lot of the voices, there is a lag when individual characters are echoed--except for the Alex voice, which admittedly consumes a lot of memory (800 plus GB) but which is very responsive--at least on my iPhone 8. Sorry I could not be of more help.

#7 Responsive Default VoiceOver Default Voice

Ok, Curtis: After a bit more exploration I have tentatively concluded that the iPhone X uses one of the siri voices for VoiceOver out of the box. Not sure about this, but I do find that the Siri male or Siri female voices are a bit more snappy than other VO voices when entering text. Glad to here about Alex, but that's a pretty big file, and not sure it is necessary for the benefits.

#8 Actually, the Alex voice only

Actually, the Alex voice only uses 869 MB, which is almost a gigabyte. I have a 64 GB iPhone 8 and am not having any issues in that regard.

#9 Responsive voice for VoiceOver

I understand what you say about Alex, but I am most interested in a voice that is particularly snappy when entering text, especially from the virtual keyboard. What I have found so far is that the SIRI male or SIRI female English U. S. Voices are quite good for my purposes, so don’t see a need to use Alex right now. Thanks.

#10 I love Samantha

Good evening everyone. I love Samantha, because it is more responsive. and if you are a user who prefers the voice more faster then the normal voice, you can understand her still.

#11 Something Strange in iPadOS 13.2 13.1.3

It has come to my attention that in iPadOS 13.2, I was unable to use the American English Siri Female, Australian English Siri Female, UK Siri Female, and South African Siri Male.
Is it just me experienceing this issue?