dialing numbers with a bluetooth keyboard

Hi, can you dial numbers using a Bluetooth keyboard while on a call?



I'd assume you can, but i'm not sure. I'd say give 'er a go and see if you can do it.

dial pad during calls

Not that I know of. This would be very handy, for things like telephone banking!


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Doesn't work for me.

Your best bet is to learn

Your best bet is to learn where the numbers are on the touch screen. Once you figure out where they are, then you remember that they look just like a normal land line dial pad, just different as they are on a touch surface. I'm sorry I can't help you, but this is just one of those iOS skills you'll have to learn. I wouldn't recommend swiping to find the numbers, as the quicker you find them in my book, the better. Just drag a finger on the screen till you find the number you want, and either do a split tap, or release the finger depending on which typing mode you have selected.

I wish this were possible!

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It’d be great if this were possible when using Bluetooth QWERTY or Braille keyboard.
It’s such a drag having to use the keypad to input long strings or rapid series of numbers.