Diceworld app with 6 games?

I've been told that the Diceworld with friends app should have 6 games in it but the only one I find in the app store only has 4 games, farkle, yatzee, pig, and threes. I apparently have the latest version of the app because I just tried to update it and there were no updates available so does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?



delete it and reinstall again. its supposed to also have balut and 1 4 24. if that doesn't work contact the developers.

already did that

I've already deleted and reinstalled once, should I try again?

Also I'm currently playing games in the app with 3 friends, if I delete and reinstall will it mess up the games I'm playing and do I need to wait until I finish the games?

no it won't

it won't mess up the games with your friends. what version of dice world do you have currently? The correct version that I have is version 9.04. if that's not showing up up then you have to contact the developers and they could help you further. If you have the correct user name and password it shouldn't affect your current games with friends. Or before reinstalling try and reset network settings. I don't know if that will help.

version 9.04 is what I have

I have version 9.04, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app once and then checked for updates and I still only have the 4 games mentioned in my original note.