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Hello all, I just recently got Dish Satellite service for my home, and downloaded the Dish app for my iPhone 4S. I've read a few comments on here, that talked about this app not being fully accessible, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a podcast out there, that would have any info about how to search the channel guide, setting up Dvr recordings, etc? I don't have Internet serviceright now, so I don't have my Sling Adapter hooked up yet. Also, would anyone know where I could get a channel guide, to see what channels are what, or is this offered in the app too? Thanks, Shane.


I can't help you with the

I can't help you with the app, but I can say you can set up dvr recordings and watch on-demand movies and shows and such from the website, but your dish receiver has to be connected to the internet. The sling adapter is only needed for watching live tv, and also for watching what is on your dvr from your mobile device. But for any of it to work, your dish dvr has to be connected to the internet. As far as channel guides go, I don't have an exact link, but I googled dish network channel guide. They have downloadable guides. They're pdf, but readable. They aren't perfect, but you should be able to figure it out well enough. I plan to make a better guide, in a text file, since the pdf is a bit awkward to use. Also, you can google dish network tv listings, and get a tv guide that tells you what's on tv. It asks you to select your package, and enter your zip code. It goes channel by channel and shows you what's on for the current time and about 3 hours of programming. You can move the grid to the next three hours, or select a specific channel to see what's on all day. I find using the find feature is best, because, depending on your package, there are hundreds of channels. So once you know what channel is what, you can find that specific channel number. I won't say the guide isn't a bit cumbersome, but it's completely accessible. I, too, just got dish installed, so there may be better info out there, but this is what I've found. I hope this helps.


Ok Lisa thanks so much for the info. Also, when you get the text file made, could you please send me a copy? And finnally, do you know of a way to access the guide feature on your TV? In other words, is there a way to access the guide why you're watching TV, or is there another way to do this? Thanks

Well, the only way I know to

Well, the only way I know to access a guide is to look at the channel listing on the internet. Obviously, the dvr isn't accessible, as none of them are sadly, so you can't access the guide with your dvr itself, unless a sighted person can help you. And once you have the channel numbers, you can enter the channel number on your remote, just like cable or any other tv service. But you won't be able to access a guide and select the channel that way without sighted help. The website shows you what's on currently as well as a few hours upcoming, and you can change the time of day it shows. But by default, it shows you what's on now and what's up next when you first land on the page. Odd question for you, but which dish package did you go with? I ask this so I can give you a text file with the proper channels for your package. And, I'll need an email address to send it. If I can be of any more help, please let me know.

Thank you again

Thank you again. For that website you were telling me about that would tell what was coming on, what is it? The package I got is Americas Everything Package, with 250 channels, with Hbo and the other movie channels free for 3 months. I'm debating on whether to cancel the movie channels when the 3 months are up because I forget how much they are, and I only watch those channels every so often. Do you remember how much they were? Thanks again, Shane.

here's the info

Ok, the site is: From there, you use the combo box to select the package that you want, and then enter your zip code. When I give you this text file, it will not include your local channels, like ABC or fox, because they are all different, depending on what area you live in. However, the local channels are included in this guide on the website after you put in your zip code, so you'll be able to find the numbers. They're always somewhere between channels 2 and 70. Where would you like me to send this text file?


Sorry, I forgot to talk about pricing. All of the movie channels seem to cost around $13, except HBO which is $16 a month. They do give you some money off when you purchase more than one. So if you have two or more channels, each time you add a channel, you save a bit of money. I, too, plan to cancel them. Although they'd be nice to have, it gets pricy, and there's over 250 channels, so I can't imagine not finding something to watch. Also, I don't know if you have it, but my package included blockbuster at home for 3 months. There's a couple of movie channels included with this, like a couple of the epix channels. I'll include them in the text file, in case you have them. I think if someone doesn't want to keep the blockbuster part of the package, you can still buy the epix channels for around $7 a month.

Yeah I've got Block Buster

Yeah I've got Block Buster free for 3 months also. Yeah, they would be nice to have, but like you said, with right at 250 channels or over, I don't see not being able to find something to watch.

Ok great!

Ok great! You can send it to Thanks again so much for everything! Oh, and how would O open the text file on my iPhone, as I don't know how to open up attachments on my iPhone whether they be MP3 format, or like a text file that you're going to send me. Thanks, Shane.

I would assume there would be

I would assume there would be a way to open it up on the Iphone, but maybe you need an app for it. Would it be easier for me to just paste the channels directly into the email?

Dish network breaks accessibility in the iphone app

If you are using the dish remote access for iphone, don't upgrade. The now tab is removed from the app and if you want to watch TV, you have to search the system. The DVR is still accessible. I have contacted dish on the subject and the representative had no idea of what i was talking about. as a result, i have canceled my service. Feedback has been sent to the app developer.