eBook buffet problem

I have the app eBook buffet on an iPhone 4s. The app is a great way to find free Kindle books. The app worked well with VoiceOver until I installed IOS 7. Now the phone freezes when I double tap on a category of books and I have to close the app. I contacted www.weberbooks.com about the problem. The company installed IOS 7 and did not have this problem. Is there anything else I can do? Thank you.


book app

If eBook buffet will no longer work, are there any other accessible apps for finding free Kindle books?

book apps

You can use iBooks or kindle app.

books app

How do you search for free books using the Kindle app? I have only found my list of books.

amazon free books:

the kindle app does not serve up the store. for free books, go here: http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=2245146011

Kindle buffet website works well

I have the same problem since installing iOS 7. I have found that going to www.kindlebuffet.com gives you the same information the app does and is much easier to navigate. I usually go to the website on my computer but it also seems to work using Safari on my iPhone most of the time. I'm not sure if there are other apps that show you free ebooks, but for now kindle buffet,com is a good alternative for me. I hope that helps.

book apps

There is also voice dream reader and read to go.