Echoes from Levia no longer on the App Store

Hi apple vis,
I’ve been trying to search for Echoes from Levia on the App Store.
It says no results. Does anyone know why this game has been removed from the App Store?


The sound of bubbles will forever haunt me, ha ha!

I wish I knew why this game disappeared from the App Store, too. I had to delete it because it wouldn't download anymore, darn it. I hope they put it back some day. I wouldn't mind replaying the whole game all over again. Maybe next time I play I'll be able to get past that darn marsh level. I'm one of the few that thought the voice acting was OK and I really wanted to see how the story ended. Please, apple, bring the game back especially because we all paid good money for it, $25 down the drain.


REALLY? I had no idea it was gon! I have it on my phone, but have not really took the time to play it. I need to try playing it at least.That's if it has not been offloaded by iOS .

Well.. I think I know the reason why

Well.. I think I know the reason why the game was removed from the Appstore. Some people didn't really like the game, so they I think, gave harsh criticism to the developers. Not sure if they will ever create a game for us again, since the feedback was strong. And,, I didn't like the game either. So maybe that is why, or maybe it could be because of money reasons, who knows. But I think the main point here is,, what's next? What do you think will be next to be removed from the Appstore?? We will have to find out.

Another thing I'd like to say about this, I am sure it was falsely advertised. The trailer sounded good to me, but the game, just didn't. Sometimes the trailer of certain things sound so so good, however when you actually dive deep into them, they don't really sound good at all, or they sound falsely advertised.. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree and do what ever you want with this..

All i can say is that

If this continues, I'll start thinking twice before buying audio games for iOS. We don't have money to throw down the drain like that.

Addressing the comment about

Addressing the comment about not liking the game. I will say that this game wasn’t my favorite game. However, people should have cut the developers a break. It was their first product. And for a first product, it was not that bad