Emailing someone from contacts

Does anyone know how to compose an email message when on the address field of a contact in the native contacts app? I thought it would be easy, but no input/execute command is working. I really wish there was an "add from address book" button in Mail. My autocomplete feature doesn't work for anything but the primary address. any help would be awesome!


Also thought this would be easy!

Hi! Wow... This one really gave me a headache! I thought I would put in a few minutes to help you with this, so I went ahead and opened my contacts on my mac to try figuring this out... Thought this would be solved in two minutes, but wow! There really isn't any way of doing this, as far as I can tell. I even got my sighted girlfriend to take a look to see if there was an obvious sighted way of doing it, but there really doesn'r seem to be. Guess the only thing you can do is to copy the email-adress and then paste it in to the To-field in a new email, wich I would think is way to many steps to make this efficient. Of course, you can allways open a new mail and start typing the name of the contact you want in the To-field and the matching contacts will show up, wich probably is the way it's ment to be done. Maybe the contacts-app is only ment to be opened when you want to edit or add contacts, and that it sort of interacts with the adress-fields in other applications across the Mac OS platform... Just a wild guess.. Hope this helps in some way, though I personly doubt it... ;)

Another contacts question

Hi. I'll put this here, because I think it has relivance. You mentioned, Cliff, that you type the contacts name and the matching email addresses show up. Here's what I can't figure out. Recently a friend changed their email from one ISP to another. So instead of she went to Here's my question. As i begin typing her name, her old address comes up, even though whenI look I put in the right new email into her contact address card. so what gives? Does the Mac not want to write her new name? And what makes it a little more frustrating, si she went from one name, to the same name but with numbers before the gmail at the end. So until I'm almost done, I hear the old address. Is this making sense, and is there any way to stop this? Thanks for reading.

E-mailing Someone From Contacts

You can e-mail someone from contacts. Scroll to the Contact information area and interact with it. You will see labels for the different types of information. For example, you might see the label Home by an e-mail address. Make sure the mouse and VO cursors are on the label of interest. Then press the VO Shift+Spacebar keys simultaneously. You will see a menu that has several options in it. It will say: Send e-mail, FaceTime, Send Message, Send My Card, and Search With Spotlight.