entering credit card info automatically with voiceover and safari

Hello everybody.
I am trying to figure out how to autofill bank card information with safari forr mac.
I have saved my credit card information but i can't seam to figure out how to fill out credit card information on a website automatically!
Can somebody please offer suggestions?When i say to autofill forms on a webpage, it only fills in my first name and address.
Thank you for any suggestions.


#1 Not accessible

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Unfortunately, the credit card autofill feature in Safari is not accessible with VoiceOver. I suggest contacting Apple Accessibility about this.

Visually, the card appears as a popup when the card number field has keyboard focus. A sighted user can click on the card, and its credentials are then filled into the appropriate fields. VoiceOver will not interact with this popup in any way. I even tried putting the mouse pointer over the card and pressing VO-Command-F5 to move the VoiceOver cursor to the mouse pointer, and VoiceOver responded by saying, "Unknown." I also tried using the keyboard to get the card info to appear, but no keystroke I tried would work.

#2 I Contacted Apple Accessibility

I have written Apple Accessibility about this problem. The more people who write--the better. Interestingly, the first time I wrote, they told me to make sure I had a credit card saved. When I told them I did, they acknowledged that the process is inaccessible.

#3 thanks

I will end up emailing them as well.
Thank you for the information.

#4 Does Anyone Know how to do this with 1Password?

I use 1Password, but have trouble getting the information to autofill as well. Could these problems be related?

#5 This is how I enter credit card information

I am not a Mac user but I saw this comment on Twitter and felt like I could help. The way I handle credit card numbers is to type them into a notepad document. When I need to access the correct part number I open up the document and copy the number into the clipboard. Then I just pasted into the credit card field. This process is been working for me.

#6 I've done the same thing

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I have my credit card numbers in a text file created with TextEdit, and I have copied and pasted from there like you do. I don't know how secure this is, though, since anyone who can potentially view the text file can see my card numbers. I do not put the expiration date or security code in the text file, relying on my memory for those details.

I have the credit card I use most often saved in keychain, but I have yet to need to access it from there. After seeing this topic I decided to check it out. I posted my findings here, which were not encouraging. I hope Apple can fix this in Yosemite.