Experience of accessible sports games...

Hi all.
I am a big sports fan particularly football or soccer if you are American. There does seem to be a huge lack of accessible audio based sports games. My favourite audio game ever made has to be top speed which I guess you would put in the sports category. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anything I don't in this category?
I'm sure some kind of football game would be possible to create although not simple I imagine but I'm not an app developer! I'd also love to see a game comparable to top speed for the iPhone. I'm thinking you could tilt for steering, hold a finger down to go and flick up and down to change gears... Seems doable but like I said I'm not the one to create it! Blindfold racer is ok but for me not comparable to something like top speed. But I am particularly dying to have some kind of playable football game...
If anyone knows of any games I haven't found let me know! Also I work as an accessible technology advisor for a charity who help provide equipment and such for blind and vision impaired in the UK and I try and tweet interesting things related to accessible technology so give us a follow if you wish @blatchingtonbct or my personal twitter @lorna808
Thanks in advance! L


Top speed?

Is top speed available for Iphone?

For sports games, try

For sports games, try Blindfold Bowling. It is a very accessible bowling game. Another fun one is a Audio Archery. There's also a Blindfold Air Hockey. There is a ski ball called blindfold of the ball, but I prefer bowling. There are a few games that I know of their sports that are accessible, but I don't understand them. These are blink Pong, sonic tennis and baseball

Baseball, Blink Pong, and Sonic Tennis

I don't know about blink pong, but Sonic Tennis is a game that you can only play online through game center and no one plays it rat much. Baseball is one of those games that you're like, "Oh, cool, I can swing a bat." The bad thing about it is that that's all you can do. There's not a real game aspect. I wouldn't recomend these, but if you have a friend who has it, you can play Sonic Tennis.

audio rally racing

Maybe the subject line that I used is incorrect. It might be racer or racing, but there is a podcast on this site that deals with the game. It is an app in which you drive a racer over several race courses. You can choose from several countries, cars, and tracks. It is totlly Voice-Over friendly, and the cost is $14.95 in the app store. Ear buds or a headset is required, and it is a very good game.