facebook crashing on iPhone four

Hi everyone. I've noticed recently that my 32gb iPhone4 I can open the facebook app once, to check things like notifications, of which I have to look because they don't get pushed into the notification center. But if I hear, Facebook, two new items, I click it and it takes a few minutes, then it does the sound like the app is closed, and that's it. I don't know if this happens on anyone else's devices. And if I click the app switcher, it's sitting in there.


FaceBook app

Hello can you give to me more details as what version of Facebook app are you running? now only I can suggest to you. that delete the FaceBook app from your iPhone and then download this again. one easy way is the follow: open setting app on the iOS device (this apply only for iOS 6 and newr) under the settings heading look for Facebook button double tap on it. under Facebook heading select for Install and hit on it please wait few or a short time then will need type your apple ID password then once Facebook app has downloaded open it and log in.