Facebook IOS app

I recently downloaded the Facebook app from the App Store and finding my way around. As a Facebook newbie, can someone tell me how to play videos that are sent to me? I like to listen to them, even though I cannot see them. Also, when I interact with a post and get to the next page where voiceover says "Choose an action," I can use the like, share, and comment buttons. When I press the more button, I can hear the sound of the screen changing, but VO is silent. Running and tapping my finger all over the screen does nothing but beep and click. What am I doing wrong?



You are not doing things

You are not doing things wrong, the accessibility of these last version is wierd.
It will go silent in the "more screen" and also if you choose to share a post in the "share screen".
You have to klet then know, but I don't have their contact right now.l

Thank you.

Thanks, Splyt and Mary. Special thanks to you, Mary, for the contact information

Playing Videos from Facebook Posts

When your focus is on the post that has the video. double tap it, it will open the post. Then double tap it to open the video player.

ThThank you

Thanks, Mister CANE. I did e-mail the Facebook accessibility link that Mary provided, but never received an answer.