Faster battery drain when playing games; how can I reduce this?

When playing crafting kingdom or any audio games, my battery drains faster. How can I avoid that?


Of course it's going to go up.

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It's as simple as that. When you are constantly using your phone for games or other activities, especially games that require more processor usage, your battery usage is going to go up.

battery drain

It drains the battery even if the game is closed

age of the battery

Also remember if youhave an older iPhone even, if you're always good about charging, it will eventually drain faster when it used to be fine. Also, remember that you can see how much batery you're games are using by going into the settings, battery.

Double your power

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The Apple Store sells battery cases. You put your phone inside the case, turn on the battery power, and put the case with phone in your pocket or continue using your phone inside the case. When you're not using the case or when it's drained, you take your phone out of the case and plug in the case to a power source. Your phone still has its own battery, and there's no reason you can't keep using the phone without the battery case. Battery cases both double your power and protect your iPhone just like a silicon ca se. I have 3 of them and never worry about running out of power. I haven't turned off my phone in years.
Good luck!

Low Power Mode

This is probably not an ideal solution to the problem, knowing that LPM reduces AutoLock and some other features on your device, but have you tried it?
You can enable it by opening Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode On/Off.

The Last Word

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Here's a link to a video describing how to maximize your battery usage. It is by 2 Apple battery technicians, and if they don't know what they're talking about, I don't know who does. smile