FEER is looking for Beta Testers

App Developer

We are happy to announce, that we are looking for BETATESTERS

English speaking Applicants go here: https://goo.gl/forms/a1Yz17HacjDoc6Yj1
( This link leads to our application survey on google forms)

Wir freuen uns, soweit gekommen zu sein und suchen nach BETATESTERN

eine deutsches Anmeldeformular gibt es hier:
( Dieser Link führt zum Anmeldeformular auf Google Forms)


What game is FEER ?

App Developer

Feer is an endless runner game with special missions to complete and it is designed from the scratch to challenge cited an visual impaired gamers @equal rights. You have to save the lights of the fairies and avoid the zombies and the ravens. The game fully supports VoiceOver in English and german. A Highscore list will allow to see your friends progress. Hope you all will like it.

I'll do my best

Hi, I'll do my best to give you feedback if the app is downloadable in Turkey's app store

phone number

I see that in the form field I have to add my phone number, but what if I want to test this game but I dont want to give my private phone number?

a question

I want to know why is the phone number necessary

Telephone number

App Developer

as said in the comments of the form, we use the telephone number only as last option of communication. if you don’t want to tell us your number, type ‚none‘

submitted my application

Hello to the Feer developers. i have have submitted my application, when do you hope to decide the testers, and start this process? how many missions will the game have if it has no ending?

Missions + Test Timeline

App Developer

for the test we have implemented more than 200 mission challenges, packed into sets of 3, so it takes days or weeks to complete them.

we are now tuning the last little things in the game, then we submit it for Apples Testflight Approval, afterward we sent out the personal invitations, hopefully within the next two weeks, if we don't see too much stones on the way.

best Hansjörg

Mail not deliverable

App Developer

Hi Girls and Guys,
if you signed in for beta test till 25th of July and you did not receive a confirmation mail, something is wrong with your email account. ( especially @att.net is blocking all mails, that is a common error which we cannot solve)

sounds challenging!

it sounds really challenging, are there other things to avoid in later missions i assume they get harder?


App Developer

all applicants applied till 25th have received a confirmation mail. All later applicants will receive one.
it is challenging, i can’t beat the score of our internal testers. so hopefully you all will. best Hansjörg

thank you

thank you for this information. i assume you will not notify all testers so if not heard from you by e-mail within a couple of weeks that we have not been selected to test? thank you again for a game that sounds really good!

Email Address

Hi, I got a message from you about my email address being invalid, I have sent you the email address again and this time it should've been written correctly.

shooting games

hey! do you think about change it to a shooting game?


when should i get the email if i have been selected or not.

Possible Android testing

Hi there, I know this isn't really the right place to ask this as this is a place about Apple products. But is there a possible way to test this game with android as well? I just got an android device very recently.

Update Betatest

App Developer

Talking about stony roads in my last post, after a couple of days hard work, we uploaded FEER to the Betatest Revision. Besides that we had to do declarations to the NSA, TAX Authorities, Self Classifications, Legal Information and a bunch of other stuff.

So now we all have to wait till the revision of FEER ends positive and then the iPhone Testers can have a go.

All the best Hansjörg

ps. there might be an Android Test too, but this is the next stony road, so goto our website
https://www.feer.at and register for the news, we call, when we're ready.

landscape mode

Hello. I'm not used with the landscape mode. I try to swipe to left but it doesnt go to left.

home button

what do you mean. How exactly must i turn my phone


thank you very much, now i got it.

Great! I personally would

Great! I personally would like if this game can be played on portrait mode because it’s more comfortable.


1. is the tutorial and speech going to always be in tts? Or will there be human voices soon?
2. I use my phone in german but the app is still speaking english. What's going on?

not working

how do people get this working as when i load it i get no TS or any feedback i don't even know, after blindly activating the tutorial what mission i am on as no speech feedback. it is almost like the unity plugin is not there.

Not Working

Try deleting the app and reinstalling it. This may work for you. It worked as soon as I installed it. This might be worth a try though.

voiceover users

App Developer

you must have voiceover on, before you start the game first time. this will be stored in the settings permanently.
if not, delete the game and reinstall.

IOS 12 Beta Users

App Developer

there is an Apple bug with the keyboard disappearing, we can’t fix this.

German Language

App Developer

On the first install the game should change automatically to German, if the System Language is set to German. If this wasn't the case, can you please tell us the iOS Version you are using?

After the first install you can change the language anytime within the game by going to the Options Menu and then to Settings.

Iris from FEERtheGame

Home Button

The home button needs to be to the right when you are playing the game.

Disappearing Keyboard

I'm using iOS 12 Dev Beta 6 and I had no issues with the keyboard. I was able to submit my username for the scoreboard with no problems at all.

No records

App Developer

Hello drummerguy,
we don't have received any application by that name. Sorry.
Hansjörg from FEER


Please accept my apologies. I just checked my mail and I got my invitation to test the game. I signed up with my AOL email address.
Thank you for the invite.

german language

I use the latest IOS version. thank you. and will the tts become human voices?

Human Voices

App Developer

As far as now, we cannot afford to go to studio and record human speakers.
We would love to and if we make money with the game it is on high priority.
Meanwhile we chose the best voices on TTS available, but there are not much good German voices.

German voices

I believe the experience is much better in german than in english. I have no idea why but I definitely prefer it, and it feels more immersive to me.

how to skip a mission

I have a quest where I have to skip current mission and select one of my favourite.
But I dont see any option to do that.
I see that I can skip a quest for some lights but I dont know where I can skip a mission

Skipping Missions

If you are referring to Mission Level 8 quest 2, I think it just needs to be reworded. I think they mean for you to skip a quest. After skipping a quest I was able to move to Mission level 9.

Enter Name to Highscore List

App Developer

We are aware of the problems of submitting a name to the high score list,
but there is no real solution for this at the moment, because it is a system service.

But we are working on it.

Mission Level 8 Quest 2

App Developer

Yes, we are going to reword this, because it misleads.
You have to skip one quest, to get this quest completed.

High Score List

Just wondering what problems people are having submitting names to high score list? I added my name last night and as far as I can tell, it worked fine. The keyboard took a little getting used to, but after I figured it out, I was able to submit my name. My name is rowdyamerican in case anyone is curious.

Name problem

Mine problem was that if I tried to enter my name then single tap already selected the letter.