FEER speaks now Spanish, French and Italian

App Developer

The good news, we released an update 1.1.5 with more languages.

Feer now speaks also spanish, french and italian.
So all of you can improve their language skills in changing languages.

We added a quit button for the iPhone X users to be able to close the game.
We added a sound library for the powerup sounds to remember them better.
Now you can change your user name, in case of typo errors or other reasons.

so enjoy the update and spread it to your foreign friends
all the best hansjoerg

ps. search on appstore now works with feerthegame ( all lowercase and no breaks)
to repeat it, canadians could rate the game, same with the australians



Would you be able to add Swedish?


App Developer

@Sabrina @techluver
Please have mercy with us, but translations we can only do with a minimum of language knowledge in our team,
otherwise we cannot offer any support.

the update is out, i ensure you, search on appstore search works now with feerthegame ( all lowercase no spaces)

best hansjoerg from FEER


Of course. I'd be willing to translate it to Portuguese but I know you couldn't offer support :).