file manager question

I've found some file manager apps I want to try out.
I can zip files, read documents etc.
my question here is what will happen if I connect a wireless harddrive.
do you Think that I can see all files on that using a file manager?
In that case I can buy a western digital disk.


#1 File Browser

I honestly cannot say whether the file managers you're looking at can access a wireless drive because I don't have a wireless drive. But I do have 2 Western Digital NAS drives on my local network and the File Browser app can access them. Also, Western Digital provides a free app to access its drives. I suspect their app would access their wireless drives as well as their NAS drives.

I really like the File Browser app because it can also access Dropbox and Google Drive.

#2 Hi.

what is that western digital app called then?
I'm thinking about Writing to western digital support and ask questions as well.
do you Think that this is a good idea?

#3 WD MyCloud

The Western Digital app I have is called MyCloud. But as I say, for managing files across my network from my iPhone, I like the File Browser app.

I've never had reason to contact WD support, so I have no idea how responsive they might be. I suppose there's no harm in trying if you have questions for them. You might also check to see if they have an FAQ on their website that answers your questions.

#4 File browser? is that an app

File browser? is that an app too?
I've read that with wd my cloud you can't access all files. just the files that the cloud wants you to see.

#5 File Browser and MyCloud

Yes, File Browser is an iOS app. There's a link for it in the app directory on this site:

I think what you've read about MyCloud might be true. It might only show files of types that it supports. It also depends on what you expect from the file manager. You may not be able to open the files in the app, but you might be able to organize them. Often, the sharing menu allows you to specify an "open in" app for files it doesn't support within the app.