finding adobe reader program

I am barraged with the message adobe reader and updater needs attention. I can't get to the program using finder or spotlight. I would like to delete it and install a new version Any thoughts?



I don't know that I completely understand what you mean. However, I think that knfb reader would be a good program on iOS. It makes all pdfs accessible. Of course, it is relatively pretty expensive.

Accessible PDF for Mac

Hi, I apologize, I am a beginner with 14 days of experience and learning Yosemite.

But I would like to know if any accessible PDF toll exists for Mac


You can use skim or preview

You can use skim or preview to read pdfs. If you need any other help with osx feel free to visit the link in my profile. I do train in osx. Not iOs yet as I don't feel comfortable training at a distance but there you go.

Good Luck. You can find skim at Just do a search for skim