Finding text in PDF files

I use Preview for reading PDF files in my Mac. The problem is that I haven't found how to search for text in that App. If I use the OSX Find Command with the shortcut Command f, the Voiceover cursor doesn't jumps to that location. Even with the VO Find command I can't seem to be able to do what I want, since it seems that it only works with the text within the page I'm reading.

I will appreciate any suggestions in this matter.

Thanks in advance,



RE: Finding text in PDF files

This behavior might vary depending on the version of OS X you are running. In my experience, the VO Find commands such as VO+F and VO+G work okay in Preview running under OS 10.9.5, but those same commands do not work reliably in Preview under any version of OS X 10.10. If you are running a version of 10.10, you might be in luck as the folks at Adobe have announced the pending release of "Adobe Reader DC," which they are claiming is accessible with VO.