Focus 14 Blue Commands for the iPhone

Looking at the manual for the Focus 14 blue, I see quite a few commands for using the Focus with jaws and a PC, but I would like to learn how to use the Focus with my iPhone SE, since that is the reason I have it. Are there podcasts or tutorials of any kind on this subject? Thank you.



#1 learning commands

hi have you enabled the voiceover help with four finger double tap on your iphone, and then investigating the controls to see what they do? also, in the braille section under voiceover settings you can now in ios 11 see a list of alyr braille display controls and customize them all to your liking.Will

#2 Re: Will's comment

I did find a lot of things in the Braille settings under voice over, but is there a way to make it so that the iPhone cursor follows the Braille cursor? I can do that with my Braille display on the PC with no problem, but haven't found a setting for doing it on the phone. I'll try the 4-finger help and see what I can learn for it. Thank you.

#3 v o help

space + k gives me voiceover help and space + b exits from it.
that may work for you.
Same as 4-finger double tap and 2-finger scrub.

#5 Re: kevin's link.

Wow!!! That's going to be a huge help. Thank you!

#6 Siri

Is there a way to initiate Siri from the display?

#7 Siri and the Focus.

Yes, it is possible to use a button on a braille display for SIRI. You would go into the VoiceOver settings, then into Braille, then into your Focus or other Braille display. There are two buttons in there, forget this device and Braille commands. Inside the Braille commands, you can change all kinds of things. I have a SIRI button, which works very nicely.

#8 Question

Club AppleVis Member

Thanks for the list of Focus 14 functions. What functions cannot be performed with the Focus display that can be done on the iPhone only?

#9 Commands that can only be done on the phone.

That is a very good question. There are quite a few things the Focus can do. I can only think of one thing that it cannot do, although I'm sure there are others. I would LOVE the ability to skip back and forth between songs. Lots of other Bluetooth keyboards and speakers have that ability.