Forwarding TextMessages In the Messages App

Hi everyone! I am not sure on how to forward SMS Messages from the messages app that came with the phone. I have tried a few times, but had no luck. When one of my cousins did it when Voice over was turned off, he could forward the message. If anyone knows how to do this, I would sure love to know. Thanks in advance, Deng!


1. go to edit in the message

1. go to edit in the message you want to forward.. 2. hit the select switch to select the message or messages in the conversation you want to forward. 3. hit the forward button in the bottom right I think. 4. now you should be presented with a regular message that you can edit. Take care.

forwarding text messages on the iphone:

To forward a text message, double tap "", double tap the message you want to forward, it will say "select", double tap forward and you will be placed into a message window so that you can supply an address and a subject. if you want to put anything in the message, you need to be certain you are at the top of the message and double tap return a couple of times and then move to the top to start typing so that your comments are separated from the message.


Cool! Thanks for that tip as well!