Found a new tennis game, Sonic Tennis

Sonic Tennis, by Stefano Baldan, seems to be a challenging, accessible tennis game. I don't know, because it doesn't have a single player mode. What it does have that the others don't is that you have to swing at the ball, not just swing, so if it bounces from the right you have to swing right, and so on. I have my game on, just waiting for an opponent, so rocket over to the App Store and grab this free game


I tried to create a new match

I tried to create a new match but I keep getting kicked out after about 30 seconds. I saw someone who had created a match but apparently they got kicked out of their match as I could not join it no matter what I did. This is odd? I love the instructions though. very clearly written.

yeah it will time you out

yeah it will time you out after x number of seconds after creating the match I think and as stated in the docs if you miss 3 balls you loose and the game ends, quite literally The game is fun but there has to be more then 1 round. lol!

i'm probably the one you

i'm probably the one you played with, not sure. Haven't gotten kicked out, but heard someone playing with me, and losing... hope it wasn't you lol!

How do I find a partner?

Sonic Tennis sounds fun, but how do I find someone to play with? Do I have to, um, make a play date? I haven't found anyone yet, just starting it up and trying to join a match--no matches to join.

I've never had good luck with

I've never had good luck with that game. it kicks me after I start a game wiht someone. I gave up on it 2 years ago.

Take care.

I could rarely get an opponent

Hi! I tried Sonic Tennis for a while, but most times I played it there was no opponent available, so I ended up uninstalling it: a pity, as I enjoyed it. It's a great pity, as far as I'm concerned, that there isn't a one-player mode like in Blindfold Ping Pong, then we could perhaps play against the computer when nobody else is available to play against us!