Found a way to control playback on Youtube website

I'm not sure if anyone's posted about this already but I stumbled upon some keyboard shortcuts to control playback while playing a video on the youtube website. This is using Safari on Mountain Lion with quick Nav off. The voiceover focus has to be inside the webpage. As long as you interact with the html content it should work. J is rewind, K is play/pause, and L is fast forward. These commands don't work during advertisements by the way. I've only tried it with a couple of videos. Can other people try and confirm that it works for them as well? Walei


Not in Snow Leopard, bummer!

Hi, I'm jealous that works with Mountain Lion. I'm still using Snow Leopard and nothing happened. YOu just press the keys anywhere on the screen?

More keyboard shortcuts for your convenience

Those aren't the only shortcuts that you can use with Youtube. Pressing any of the number keys at the top of your keyboard will get you to a certain percentage. 1 for 10%, 2 for 20%, 3 for 30%, ETC. Left, right, up and down arrow rewind, fast forward, turn the volume up and turn the volume down respectively.


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Thanks for these tips, really useful. Is there a command to get a video into full screen? Cheers

more command goodness!

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Hi! You can also use command-up and up arrow for volume up, command-down and down arrow for volume down. When I say command-up and up arrow, that means you can either use command-up to turn up the volume as well as up arrow on its own. This also applies to volume down. You can also use command-left and right to go backwards and forwards in a video. What's important is that the keyboard focus is actually inside the HTML5 player. As for full screen mode, some videos have full screen button controls.


I haven't added any extensions. In fact, I just did a clean install of ML last week. Are you using the HTML5 or Flash video player?

Hi. Only the J, K and L

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Hi. Only the J, K and L commands are working for me too. Is this because I'm using the Flash player? If so, how do I get the HTML player? Many thanks.

It works

I have been using this for a long time. It works on every video!