Free online fighting games that support the VoiceOver feature

Hello Apple VIs community!
My name is Harry and I am a totally blind iOS user. I am writing because I'd like to discuss what I feel is quite a large problem which lies within the blind and visually impaired gaming world.

You see, these days, about 80% of the gaming population are in to games that feature

  1. fighting
  2. shooting
  3. killing
  4. dying
  5. destruction
  6. explosions
  7. war


The thing is, these types of games are only aimed at sighted players. There is a very small amount of iOS games out there of the types listed above that have any kind of accessibility support. Most of the iOS games that do support the accessibility features provided by Apple come at quite a high price, which I think is wrong. I mean why should we have to pay just to get an app or a game which supports accessibility features?
1 example of this is

King of Dragon Pass

. This game costs a seizure inducing £7.99, which is equal to


!! Who, in their right mind, would pay that amount of money to play a game which has accessibility support!!!

I would like to know if there are any free fighting games that support VoiceOver or any other iOS accessibility feature.


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I love Cygnus myself and I am eddicted to it:)

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$1 is 4 turkish lira, so I prefer not to play. Why should I pay 28 Turkish lira to a game? am I crazy?