Future of RSS readers without google reader?

Hello All, Just wanted the thoughts and opinions of those out there about the future of RSS Reader apps, like Feedler Pro, EZ feeds, NewsIfy and others, given the fact google will no longer be supporting google reader as of July of this year. Since most of these RSS readers require a google reader account to sink content and such, what will happen with these applications? I really love Feedler Pro and use it multiple times a day to stay informed as I do not watch television what so ever. Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciaited as this discussion will help me to decide what to do when July roles around. Thank you in advance. -Andrew-


Feed Wrangler

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I'm sure that a number of alternatives will emerge over the coming weeks and months. And, in fact, one has already landed in my podcast feed!One of the podcasts I follow is called Developing Perspectives. It's hosted by David Smith, the developer of Check The Weather, and focuses on all aspects of developing apps for the iOS platform (a recent interview with Marco Arment was a particularly interesting listen).But, back to the point ... in a podcast and blog post, David reports that he has already been working on an alternative to Google Reader called Feed Wrangler.Considering that he has previously demonstrated a commitment to accessibility, this might be a project for us RSS junkies to keep an eye on.

there are not so many alternatives

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hi david - i did not understand, this feed wrangler is in development or is already a project that can be tested? i'll follow your links to say a few words to this David we must organize ourselves. In many blogs there are many alternatives explained. - reeder: completely inaccessible. voiceover stays silent instead of reading titles - feedly: same problems - pulse news: same problems. voiceover does not want to read a word i did not try newsblud, netnewswire or netvibes yet. i am not sure there are apps for iOS to support those. And, about apps we already know, ezfeeds and feeddler, i contacted both devs. The feeddler dev answered me saying the google reader is the best service and he thinks if it stops feeddler would be useful but he wants to search for an alternative service, so he asked me how many subscriptions i have, how many articles i read every day, how i read, if individual feeds or if i organize them in folders... i'd suggest everyone to talk to him if interested. feeddler at gmail dot com and, ezfeeds, curtis wensley its developer did not answer me yet. I suggested to both of them, to export feeds from google reader, using the google takeout function to retrieve xml file. and then open it and import subscription or with possibility to import xml's via mail or dropbox and then adding feeds to iCloud to have them synchronized in every device... it is not probable apple closes iCloud soon, smiles For now, the best solution would be flipboard. it supports google reader but supports individual feeds too. Also searching through social network users and pages the articles regarding google reader's stop, say that people prefer social networks rather then feeds well, i do not know if it is only my need. but i prefer silence rather then confusion! Even if you use a social network such as twitter or facebook, the real time news always come from rss! Applevis itself, you get a notification on the @applevis account every time a person posts a comment, a reply, an article... but the drupal module working on that, uses rss itself and also facebook pages... when you want the articles to be posted automatically, you must link the page to the feed URL so, I say, I do not understand why now google, and i suppose other platforms, are spitting in the plate where they still are eating I think we must not surrender we must talk to every one who make apps for feeds I propose to launch a campaign for reeder - support at reeder dot ch, and mac at reeder dot ch, to have them giving full support to accessibility in their mac and iPhone/iPad apps reeder's developer said that now it depends on google reader but it's going to create an independent service so we must profit of the moment now, before it's too late bye i of course already did my part!

rss runner - the one rss reader to use without google reader

The subject says it all. I have found that rss runner offers almost all features that feedler free does and I am therefore switching to it. It can import feeds from your google reader acount but once imported the feeds are managed without the need of google reader. I have found that in some aspects usability is even better than feedler's ... don't know if there's already a podcast about rss runner but if not it'd be extremely interesting. The only drawback I found is that in some aspects the embeded web browcer doesnt work as expected while feedlrer's do, however you can easily choose to open the desired webpage in safari in the few cases where the embeded browser wont work as expected.