games that can be played by a braille display

Are there any free games besides text games that can be controlled or played by just using a braille display? I am running IOS 10.1.1 and am using a Focus 14 blue with VoiceOver and an iPad.



This game is great to play with only a Braille display and speech muted. I guess that's sort of a text-based game, but a little more interactive and less reading than one of those novel things. It's actually easier to play with the Braille display than it is with VoiceOver, to me.

,i have a suggestion

,try ,hanging with friends' ,it is a hangman game wich is really great'

7 Little Words

I often play 7 Little Words on my braille display. It gives you 7 clues, then you build the answers using tiles of letters. I'm something of an addict.