A good suggestion for scripting or screen writing?

Hello Apple Vis,
I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good script play or screen play writing app? I've had a few carton ideas where the use of different people and voices are part of it. I just Wondered if there was any accessible apps for this purpose?
Thanks in advance.


FD Mobile

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This app is a paid app. For the most part, it is accessible, but awkward.
Final Draft Mobile by Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC

Scrivener would probably be

Scrivener would probably be perfect! I've only used it for novel writing, but I know it has a script writing mode. Both the Mac and IOS apps are completely accessible; it just takes some time to learn how everything works.

Scrivener (Agreed)

I want to second the recommendation for Scrivener. It also has a very generous trial so you have plenty of time to decide it's not for you, but I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Any experience with Mac Final Draft Software?

I've tried using the latest Final Draft version 11 on both Mac and PC. I'm not able to use Final Draft on the Macintosh. I'm new to the Mac Voiceover software, so maybe I'm just ignorant of how to read the screenwriting areas. I'm not able to develop anything in this environment, though I hear the tool bars and the menus.
As for the PC version Jaws 19 is the same thing. I switch to NVDA's latest version and then I can work.

What are you experiences?