Google Hangouts Accessibility

Hello everyone, I have started a campaign on twitter to let Google know of their accessibility issues in the Hangouts app for iOS. I would like everyone to go to this website and fill out the form to let Google know what the problems are. The problems I am currently experiencing are: Throughout the app, buttons have little to no labels. When in a video call, the buttons to access the mute and other functions disappear when the call starts. There have been many updates recently, and none of them have addressed these issues. If Google wants Hangouts to compete with Skype and FaceTime, they need to know that their blind customers matter too! If you are on Twitter, please let @googleaccess know that this matters!


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The hangouts app has no labels on the buttons at all.

I can safely say that over

I can safely say that over the last few updtew the accessibility has gotten pretty bad. I did a podcast which can be found here explaining the not so good changes that google has done. I don't have google's contact info but has anyone contacted google about this? I also linked back to the threads so have no idea if the ping backs will show here, and I don't know how to ping back with word press anyway lol!

Hope this can be fixed as I'd love to try these hang outs out.

Just Got It...

Just got this app after my brother sent me a link to it in the app store. It seems pretty good to me in terms of VoiceOver accessibility, but I was interrupted by a call from a sister, lol. But I was able to do everything thus far which needed to be done.