Guitar tuner app

Does anyone have a suggestion for an accessible guitar tuner ap for my iPod touch? How about a good metronome?


Guitar tuner ap

I recommend Talking Tuner. It is the app I have always used. It can be hard to get the note exactly on the tuned note, but once you do tune all the other strings to the tuned string.

Guitar tuner app

I second Talking Tuner. I use it for tuning my guitar and it is reliable and easy to use.


I use TempoPerfect if I want a very easy way to set BPM and hear clicks. If I need to find out a tempo by tapping the screen, I use Taptronome.

I have found the app Tuner

I have found the app Tuner Plus very good and accessible using an iPhone running 11.2.5. The app is free. It doesn't have a metrom but has the tuning for various string instruments.e


I use talking tuner all the time and find it very acurate. I tried Taptronome and I love it. I am not good at measuring bpm or such but I have very good rythm sence wich makes this app very useful, even for recording music, because I just need to have a headphone in one ear and that will do it.


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I use at-mtrnm. Completely accessible and easy to use.

Talking Tuner all the way

Throwing my name in the hat for Talking Tuner along with the others here. Granted, I haven't tried other tuner apps -- but I frankly don't feel the need to, as this one seems specifically designed to be compatible with VoiceOver. There's not much to fuss around with; you just open it, pluck a string and it works. I like apps that just work. :)